sculpted cut for men with short hair

It’s no secret that men with short hairstyles look more decent and fashionable. Last year saw a host of short hairstyles get introduced into the fashion scene and this year has been no different in that regards. In fact, 2013 has had a larger influx than we’ve had in a while and below are my favorites. Here are some of the best and most adorable short hairstyles for men.

The Short and sleek hairstyle: The hair is styled into tiny spikes at the top with flattened sides and it’s especially good for thick short hair but will go with just about any voluminous type. Thick serums and moisturizers are used for getting the minimalist look with the front spikes. Long spikes are an option for those men who are blessed with either a round or an oblong face structure.

sleek haircut for men with short hair

Mohawk: it didn’t exactly arrive this year but can’t be ignored as its frequency has stayed up throughout. It’s stylish and has made appearances almost everywhere, on the football pitch and the red carpets.

Men love Mohawk hairstyle, but there is a fact that the haircut can break or make your impression depending on the length of the hair at the front side. If you are rational, professional and sober, you should to get your hair cut in a moderate length and set the style using best gels for making spikes. Doing for big front feather like spikes won’t bring out your masculine beauty, so just be very careful when choosing the length of the hairstyle. Keep your face shape in mind and also remember that you also have to attend parties and join communities, which can be difficult if you keep you wearing odd long feather punk type Mohawk. Besides short and long Mohawk, our hairstyling experts are introducing more versions of  short hairstyles for men. If you have already seen enough haircuts this year, keep in mind that there is a lot to see yet.

curl hairstyle for men with short hair

With defined spikes and streaks.mohawk spike for men with short hair

Unique and short hairstyle: the sides are trimmed but the top is brushed forward and upward especially at the front making in a way that resembles an anvil. The front hair strands overlap onto each other making a messy yet very organized style.

short golden cut for men with short hairThis style has very small pointed quiff on the front.
sculpted cut for men with short hair

The braid has been paired with rockabilly quiff.

rockabilly hairstyle with braid for men with short hair

Some cool ideas you can follow.hairstyle idea for men with short hair

Stylish : the brushed spikes can’t be ignored either and the stylists haven’t heard the last of them. There are several variations of spikes, liberty spikes are most famous though, there are some other types which are being discovered individually by the hairstyling experts such as overlapping spikes, sexy spikes, colored spikes, and emo spikes.

razor cut idea for men with short hair

Sexy short style: the hair is neatly cut, trimmed at the sides with a part on your favourite side. It has a sex appeal to it. Men with short hair cut look very sober and proficient. If your hair is falling here and there in a random manner giving you a messy sort of look, you will look like a college guy with less sense in the hairstyling, on the contrary if each strand of the hair is tamed, drawn back with the gel, you may become a center of attraction, especially be a subject of discussion among the circles of hot social girls.

Brushed back

modern cut for men with short hair


Brushed forward

buzzed nape for men with short hair

Beautiful rockabilly.cute rockabilly haircut for men with short hair

The short hairstyles mean you can go about your tight schedule and afford to take your eyes off the hair for a while.



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