2014 Women’s Hairstyles that you might want to try now

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Ladies! Too much surprise of everyone, hairstyling trends of 2014 is far more mature than it was speculated last year because the hairstylists are probably in a mood for showing their best talent by the way of presenting new cuts and styles. Forget about odd colors- scarlet red, royal blue, and deep plum hair shades that were used with freedom last year by rocker and emo girls.

The odd colors aren’t cutting anymore nor are the desultory haircuts that were once considered trendy or seasonal. Why so? Ladies seem to be more mature this year when it comes to selecting the hairstyles for changing the makeover or overall facial look- we can say that only irrational ladies would go for those wild and unkempt looks which were adored once, not for their brilliance but for their awkwardness.

chopped bobcut 2014

extra-short shag hairstyle 2014

feather cut2014

fringes 2014
I was reading an article on 2014 women’s hairstyles somewhere on the internet while I read a post wherein the blogger suggested girls to have more ‘red’ shades’ to dye hair because all reds are going be buzzing in the trend. Though, red hair color has been already in the hairstyling trends for quite a long time but you don’t necessarily need to wear it at all, especially if it puts you off in some way. You can go for natural shades and radiant hairstyles.

ginger red bangs 2014

lavender mullets 2014

layered bobcut 2014

medium bob with fringes 2014
This would be too early to speculate as what would or would not be in the trends of 2014 women’s hairstyles but one thing is sure and that’s all natural haircuts are being praised and worshiped for the sake of ‘originality and pure beauty’. Of course, it’s time for you or other ladies out there to be real rather than be odd or clumsy look-wise.
The list of best hairstyles of 2014 is very long and can’t be shared in one post, but I am sharing my collection of limited haircuts and styles that you might want to try to change your old, boring look.

ombre curls 2014

parted bangs 2014

pink grey ombre hair2014

Great layered bangs, ombre of grey and pastel pink shade.

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