50s Hairstyles Ideas are still in trend

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Surprisingly, all women of the present century really adore 50s hairstyles ideas and methods. Vintage hair styles are so different and sleek that they can never be forgotten by real fashionistas. The trend of fashion was intense after World War II, people found a big relief when the war finally ended, they had time and money to encourage new trends and accept new changes.
In 1950s, new hair products were being marketed on the television such as hair balms, hair colors and hair masks for the women. Before that time period women were trying to find a way to dye their hair but they had never had a professional product for it.
Some common hair accessories were also in trends such as hair bands, pin able accents, hair bow and ribbons. The trend for hair fashion took a big turn in that time and it changed the history of fashion forever. In order to make all hair creams a big hit, all the magazines and newspapers played their best part, they marketed everything to convince the customers or potential buyers that how would using be a hair product make a big different in hair styling.
Some very famous hair trend setters of that time were Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. These are just three names, there are many more actresses who helped promote new 50s hairstyles ideas and trends.
Some most popular 1950s hairstyles ideas are as follows:
Waves and curls
They were very popular. They were very carefully after the thorough application of hair balms and creams on the hair, the hair was heated for making the curls . The teased waves had a big charm in its sleek finish.

50s hairstyles with long teased waves
Curvy Plaits
Just like waves, hair plaits were also a big trend of 1950s. Women with short hair would get their hair plaited for special events and parties and use some accent to adore their beauty.

50s hairstyles ideas with plaiting
Bouffant styles
A small bumpy up do is called bouffant on the front. The bouffant used to be done by pinning up the hair in a special style and manner.

1950s vintage hair roll styles

1950s vintage hair roll styles

50s hairstyles ideas with headband and bouffant
Colored style or wave
The hair dying became so popular that ever second woman of the time began to dye her hair in blonde and brown. More styles were being invented for the colored hair that time, for instance in one plait brushing style half of the hair used to be dyed in blonde and rest of the hair would be kept in its real black color.

50s hairstyles with pompadour and hairband

50s hairstyles with pompadour and hairband

Brushed Under bob or Pageboy style
That style was very popular for its beauty. A part of the hair section would be brushed under, folded inwardly during the styling. It looked awesome.

50s hairstyles ideas of pageboy cutSome more ideas are as follows

cute 50s hairstyles updo for women

cute 50s hairstyles updo for women

vintage hairstyles of 50s

Rolls and pining up
50s hairstyles with vintage rolling and curling

Cute roll and side twisting

50s hairstyles with rolls and side pining

Brushed under hair50s hairstyles inspiration for black hair

Side rolls with twisted hair

50s hairstyles ideas for women

Vintage style decoration with flowers and accessories50s hairstyles ideas with flowers

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