Interesting Collection of Acrylic Nail Art Designs

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Men believe that women of the present century are crazy about looking beautiful, sexy, and hot. When it comes to fashion and style, clothes and shoes are also interlinked to describe one’s taste or craze, but now there is one more term emerging more powerful than other women’s accessories and it’s acrylic nails. Ladies in the club, dancing and wiggling, moving their hands from point to point just to show off their beautiful acrylic nail art designs. Women in the office, chattering and chatting, laughing with a warm cup of coffee, showing their hands to each other to show what they have done on their nails. Hot girls in the discos, shaking beautiful hands with strangers, waving their slim fingers in the air in a style to prove they are not less beautiful and stylish as Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Why is the fashion of acrylic nails is creating quite a smash among fashionable girls and women of all ages these days? Perhaps the answer is that their versatility, beauty, and finish appearance are few elements, making these ladies to feel more confidence with their gestures and hand movements. Hands and nails make an important part of a women’s body movement, they do feel pride in bragging about their style publicly when they know they are perfect at all angles.

What are acrylic nail art designs and how are they applied to the nails? Well I have heard that these nails are just nothing more than false nail enhancement, used to enhance the beauty, structure, and appearance of the nails, but some ladies use them for hiding their nail flaws such as skin irritation, short nail lengths, or discolored nails and so on. Quite a few ladies wear acrylic nails to keep themselves from biting their nails or hiding the bacterial infection lies underneath on the nail around or around it somewhere. Let me tell you a truth, wearing acrylic nails on infected nails could be dangerous, so you must try to get a treatment instead of hiring the ailment.

Now let’s talk about the variety of acrylic nail art designs; if you want to wear these false nails for parties or any other occasion, you have two options at your disposal, the first is to just have the nails set and design at the same time or buy some predesigned nails and have them fixed.  Office going ladies wear french tips acrylic nail art designs because they know that they it’s not a good idea to go in meetings and conferences with colorful nails, it may look odd to others. College girls, on the other hand, love to buy and wear acrylic nail art designs with flowery and leaves patters or something more unique such as initials of their lover. In the same fashion, ladies working in clubs prefer to sport long acrylic nails which are usually embellished with glitter, stones, and gems. What’s your choice? Maybe you don’t want to wear heavily jeweled nails but just need something light and edgy, whether you are wanting to have it done or are in a mood for creating your own design, images of acrylic nail art designs shown below may help you for sure.

Have you tried wearing nails that contain a pinched ring already? You might have worn piercings already but I am sure you haven’t tried it in nails yet. Check these white print nails.

Classy acrylic nail design idea

These acrylic nails are fun to try and design. Though these ones are already designed but you can alter the design a bit by adding few more colored stones.

Girly acrylic nail art design ideas

These pink acrylic nails are looking very glossy as if they are gel nails but they are not gel at all. Look closely, small pink acrylic heart decals are attached on the surface whereas few pink stones are placed here and there in the design.

Acrylic nails with pink flower

I would love to mention that these flowers are painted with pink nail paint while the glitter you are seeing on the side is filled with glitter pens.

acrylic nail art designs in sequened style

These nails shows that something perfect is also achieved by air brushing technique. Cute pink acrylic nails with dark stones in middle of the patterns.

Acrylic nails with stone decals

You can’t make such a perfect nail shape at home, but you can put stones here and there. To make the shape more highlighted and noticeable, fill it with glitter.

black acrylic nail art with glitter

Can you try such long nails when making preparing for a night party?

Glamorous acrylic nail art designs

Good for all seasons.
Unique pink acrylic manicure

It reminds me of a fresh green garden that has thousands of flowers.

Modern acrylic nail artwork

Fashionable women can’t go wrong with fashionable purple acrylic nail designs.

Girly acrylic nail art design ideas

This one is so special and so adorable. Check how colorful stones are used while fingernails are kept subtle with the application of blue flower decals.

blue acrylic nail art design

Just glitter can make a big difference with a trail of dots

Abstract acrylic nail art designs

I can bet you that you have never seen a acrylic nail art design like this which has glitter filled around this way.

Beautiful acrylic nail work

Glittery contrast with the stone artwork.

Contrast acrylic nail designing work

Just stones on the tip of acrylic nails for trend

Heavy acrylic nail design for party

Lace style art with strips.

Lace style acrylic nail art designs

Black dotted style done with real stones.

Dotted black acrylic nail art

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