African American Braid styles- Enjoy More variations now.

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Afro-American women are literally black angels of God because they are beautiful, perfect and natural. Having long, lush hair is a dream of every girl; Afro-American women don’t have to have to such dreams because they already are blessed with beautiful black hair that never lacks shine. It is believed that black hair is a beauty of a woman so those who are born with blonde, brunette or golden hair envy of African American because their black beauty is well-complemented with black hair and that is a real ‘x-factor’ of their personality. What does this x-factor mean here? X-factor is a kind of element exists in everybody’s body language, appearance and personality, if your hair is golden but have a hint of black underneath, you have got an x-factor in look lady. Though there are some areas in the United States when black beauties aren’t adorned much and are rather abhorred for their skin complexion, but there are some cities where they are worshiped for fashion. Anyone hating their fashion, to me, belongs to a group of third-class mentality.

People should get themselves educated now because there is nothing to hate about black women or black men. They are always beautiful, more beautiful than anybody else in the world. In fact, they are now trendsetters. Believe it or not, many major fashion trends sprouts from the communities of black women only and then progressed further in different areas after becoming a word of mouth thing. Let’s now talk about few fashion elements of Afro-American women because their fashion is making a big ground in the real world.  One of the most important fashion element is their hairstyle which is so different and so complicated somehow that not any typical fashion fellow can adapt to it without proper knowledge.

Among all the best hairstyles of black women are some evergreen and never-out-of-fashion Afro-American Braid Hairstyles. Before I talk about all the latest braided hairstyles of black women, I would mention some plus points of getting the braid done. You should learn as why it is good to get an African American braid styles done on your hair in the first place.

  •  Hair growth: Any braid when done professionally meant to tie your hair for a long time of period. When I refer to a long time period, I say months or weeks, not just few days. The braiding is a way to preserve your hair in a good manner. Now you might be thinking that how is it safe to wear braided hair while it’s necessary to wash hair everyday. Cleaning your water is important though and it becomes more compulsory when you wear braid, but the way you’ll shampoo and wash your hair after style would be different and easy.
  • Time-savers: Braided hair doesn’t require too much of maintenance work. Once your hair is tied in a good braid whether it be micro, macro or box, it will stay in position for a long time. You won’t have to spend money on brushing, styling or cutting your hair anymore.
  • Strength: Your hair becomes fragile and rough when you are unable to take care of it on daily basis. If you don’t have time to do your hair, braiding would be a good option to strengthen your hair from the roots.

Types of African American braid styles 

There are many types of African American braid styles, box braids, cornrows braids, curly braids, braid with Mohawk and macro braids are to name a few.

Box Braids: Box braids are very popular hairstyles among Afro-American community as well as among women who love wearing braided hair 24 hours a day. Box braids are created and completed with the hair extensions and often last longer than other times of braid.

African American styles of boxbraids

African american side braiding

African American styles of braids

cute updo styles African American


Dreadlocks : Dreadlocks look beautiful on about any skin tone and any hair type. The hair is styled in a special manner using hooks so that it can stay in its form for a long time. At first sight, dreadlocks would look a bit messy and rough but as the time passes by hair becomes soft and beautiful. 

African American styles ideas with dreadlocks


Cornrows: Cornrows are a kind of complete hair braiding because hair is divided into several sections and subsections before weaving into a finished style.

African American styles and cornrows weaving

African American twisted cornrows

African American styles with braiding


Braid with Mohawk : There are some Afro-American women who don’t love wearing simple braid, they add another hairstyle such as Mohawk or an updo to look sassy.

Cool African american styles with braid

African American styles of Mohawks

 Braided updo  for black women: These updos may or may not be lasting. They can be created easily at home with little knowledge and expertise.

African American styles and updos

African American styles for party


Some simple ideas


Party styles African American

African American kinky braid styles

African American styles for party



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