Allium flower is said to be edible because it is from a genus of flowering plant, called onion genus thus the flower has a scent similar to either garlic or onion. Some species of the flower don’t smell like both, instead they ooze a scent and they are used in perfumes and scents. Allium flower is said to be an ornament, globe-shaped flower which grows on a single leafless stalk. The flowers blossomed in a warm temperate in an arrangement of umbels. It means several short flowers grow together on their stalks which spread from a single point.  These flowers bloom in cluster on their respective stalks but they co-ordinate together, which is more than a magical sight to eyes.

Review these meaningful and logical allium flower tattoo meanings.allium flower tattoo


History of Allium flowers: As all flowers bloom in response to an event or happening, the alliums are said to have a history too. Legend has it that the flowers sprang when Sachi, wife of Indra, tried sipping the nectar to get an eternal life but she couldn’t take it. She couldn’t digest it and expelled it on earth and that’s when alliums were blossomed. I don’t believe in such stories though I am sharing the part just to share information with you. There is another Christian Myth attached with the Allium and that the flowers were bloomed from the indentations of devil as he walked from the Garden of Eden. He left from the garden but flowers were grown as his footprints.

allium flower tattoo

Meanings of Allium flower tattoos: Two very strong meanings or symbols infused with the allium flower tattoos are union and patience.  As it declares a union or reunion between two souls, it is used in making bouquets for the weddings or else used directly in the wedding decorations. Some people who have tolerated enough with their life’s trouble do sport allium flower tattoo on their body to remind that of the past or the time of difficulties. The tattoo literally becomes a reminder for these people, especially for those who are thinking to have shown enough patience to themselves to someone else in an event.


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