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When we think of tattoo we usually think of flowers, ships, sea, butterflies, natural and abstract scenery, it’s because all these objections are common and every other person loves them. Everything beautiful can be turned into a tattoo design, but just think what would happen if we forget about all the natural objects and make ourselves a technology slave? What does it mean? As we are going technical every day, it might be possible that one day we will be able to develop a human being that would charge on battery. The battery may work in the body just like it does in a television remote,  the idea is insensible though, some articles are trying to make it possible by rethinking the development of charge-able human beings.

Check out these amazing painting artwork tattoos you have never seen before and they are not only unique but also interesting because the artist has put quality time in the development of an idea and belief before putting it together in an artwork presentation.

Zipper tattoos opening and closing on the wrist

I am sure you haven’t seen anything amazing like this before, not only it seems realistic but also plausible. The surprising thing is the tattoo is just a paintwork and is perfected through a wise idea.


8half opened zipper tattoo

Man coming out of back zipper

This tattoo with man coming out of zipper is special because the idea of something living in the body is hilarious in the first place, second there is someone already living there trying to come out is another thing that gives you a surprise.

Zipper inside a zipper tattoo

It is not a Prada bag nor it is a luxurious travel bag with the protection of double zipper, it’s just someone’s back that has some curves and dense beauty to make you spellbound.9half-opened zipper tattoo

Eyes, face, and lips tattoos designs

Multiple eyes on the face may look horrifying, but it makes sense for Japanese since they believe in God who keeps multiple eyes at once.12 multiple eyes tattoos on face

Your face on wrist tattoo

The idea of getting your own face tattooed on wrist is also unique.beautiful facetattoo on wrist3

This eye on hand is beautiful though, the make up is more interesting, check how beautiful smoky effect is is imparting.7eye tattoo on hand

3D lips on your face? huh, nice idea, see the curves of lips are so real that your boyfriend won’t mind kidding both sets of lips. 10 lips tattoo face

It is just another eye tattoo design with hazel lenses and nice makeup painting.

Man coming out of sack tattoo

Just imagine you are a mutant human-kangroo with the ability to hide someone in the sack besides just a baby, here is what you will get, the person you can hide be anyone your friend, boy friend, or sister or brother.


11man coming out of the zipper

Laced pierced on the foot

Isn’t it amazing? Why wear laced shoes when you can get a nice lace tattoo on your foot with real effect and impression. You might have seen tons of amazing examples of corset and lace tattoos but this one is just superior . 13 pierced lace tattoo foot

Buttons on the belly

Well, you don’t need to dress up yourself all the time, there is something more unusual that you can go for and it’s sophisticated outfit tattoo with buttons opened or closed, check these two images. These are amazing painting artwork tattoos you have never seen, I can bet.

button tattoo abdomen 4

6buttoned up belly tattoo

What if human is chargeable tattoo designs?

metallic lock tattoo 2014

2battery cell wrist tattoosElectric Button tattoo

Do you need to get a tattoo design that can turn you on? Here is the design you have got to pick, just turn on the button to turn your mood on.

5button tattoo neck


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