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I am sure that you haven’t heard of antique nail art designs yet. But you still have a rough idea of what it really is- when you think about something old or antique few things strike your mind such as golden metal, some stones, and vintage gemstones. It’s a general conception that vintage or antique art always contains gems and things that are not very common. The antique nail art designs are ultimately special because they are not ordinary at all in a sense that they contain real gemstones or else their replicas or counterparts.

It is not so easy to create an antique design as it requires a theme- an old one that makes sense. If you won’t use a correct theme that has golden or antique touch, your design is not likely to make a correct sense or it won’t be perceived as a vintage nail art as all. I would like to explain it more by giving an example of Christmas nail designs that may have red color in common along golden shade.  In other words, antique nail art design must be antique but not necessarily has to have golden metal in every case.  Here are some specialties of antique nail art designs that would help you either make or create a theme for the design:

Sophistication of design: The design must not be confused and typical. Use of cheap flower accent can’t break the image of antiquity, because the term is itself associated with quality. You can’t use resin flowers of any shape for the design, instead you might have to surf the market to get flowers of metal or material that’s not cheap such as painted glass. The sophistication of a design determines whether it’s worthy enough to be called antique or not.

Golden isn’t hallmark of all antique nail art designs but it has ability to describe the term better than metals of other colors

metallic golden manicure

Golden is not essential: Including a metallic pain of golden color through brushing technique could be a brilliant add on, it may polish your art very smartly giving it a glam factor. Now the color of golden metal you would use matter- it must not be typical shinning gold metal you see in the market, it should be special such as golden rose plated metal.

Can you see what makes it an antique nail art design? The skull charm displayed on the left side.


See how speckled these golden flowers are. The color of flowers is not typical


it has got a glam of antique


This one is a counterpart of real ruby


Use of golden is lending an effect of antique design to the art


Use of gemstones: For the sake of artistic nature of antique, nail art should have one or two gemstones in place, either on index fingernail or somewhere appropriate where they are more visible. All of the fingernails can also have one gem each depending on the budget you have in pocket for your manicure. When it’s a matter of getting manicure for a special event such as party, wedding ceremony or engagement, you must not hesitate to pay extra for getting your antique nail art design done as it would worth it. In some countries women are wearing real gemstones in nail designs such as opals, jade, sapphire, diamond shaped ruby, heart shaped diamond, fluorites, cabochons, garnet and fire opal.  Using such expensive gems and garnets in the design help them get more respect in the society. It’s not necessary for everyone to spend that much money on gems that would go nowhere but in an antique nail art design, however if you have enough money to spend somewhere, you are free to spend it on buying some costly gemstones.

It’s inspired by color of opal


This is already heavy, if you still want to fill up the design you must prefer some polished garnets


Polished opal can also be included in the design


You can use jade gem as well in the design


The sky color stones are adding to the beauty of work.


Resin flowers are good to be used in the art.antique-resin-flower-manicure




There are more ideas that are easy to work on when you try your own art using colors, glitters and stones.

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