unique body tattoos 2015

Flowers, butterflies, friendship knots, and Celtic signs are some of the common tattoo designs of this time, though we fall for all these designs that have some meanings but we cannot resist praising ones that are unique to the eyes.  Maybe you won’t believe it but tattoos with uniqueness in the meanings as well as in the visibility can bring you a lot of attention; they can actually make you special in your own eye. It’s useless to get your entire body painted and tattooed unless you are not getting special designs printed at all. If you are wondering what else is different, here are some unique tattoo designs 2015 for artistic people. Mind that people who love art from the heart would adore all these designs because they are dreamy, carrying big fantasy when exposed to the light.

It looks like conventional henna design but it is somewhat different than it, in terms of color combination and the design pattern, it has some complexity to be noticed.

This is one of my favorite artistic tattoo designs for savvy people.

unique tattoos for hands 2015


Some cute water bubbles and round circles. They can improvise on your thoughts, giving you a hope. You will feel like submerging into the water without drowning into it. The design is very artistic and meaningful, you can take your creativity to the next level by adding your pattern inside it.

unique tattoos 2015


Well it’s not definitely possible to have bubbles all around your body and all over your face, this might make you a bit weird to the society. Let’s not forget that some women are brave enough to full body marking, because they consider tat colors a language of art instead of permanent markings.

unique body tattoos 2015


Men aren’t far behind in the fashion.  Some temporary body tattoos can bring out your artistic nature. There is nothing to be afraid of because the color fades away with time.unique tattoos for men 2015

All these unique tattoo designs 2015 for artistic people would inspire you to the core because they have ancient feel and modern touch, the unique blend of two different times is perhaps giving them a new edge which makes them try-worthy. These patterns have their own language to communicate with others- they can be said to be tribal and conventional as the floral designing is noticeably clear. However, one thing to take note of is the sleekness of these designs, they have got some soul for sure.  They don’t make any sense themselves but they are somewhat strong in their meanings or layout.

If you are planning to get a body marking, a noticeable one, nothing will satisfy your quest for the nice design except for these colorful tat designs. Not only they have great dimensions but also a nice makeover to make you feel different and precious.



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