Awesome 3D tattoos for men of all ages

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You might have read and reviewed many posts on awesome 3D tattoos for men of all ages but the one you are reading right now is far better than all you have stumbled across because the post has a big collection of all best tattoos that match the essence of a masculine body- in other words, the solidity of the male body goes very well with sturdy tattoo designs provided that the tattoo theme is matching with the personality of the user. If you are a kind of strong man who can roar and groan like a big lion, the one who can attack the enemy in anger, you ought to have a 3D lion tattoo on your body. The lion symbolizes brave nature, it also secretly tells others that you are ready to fight no matter what comes in the way.


Whenever we use the word ‘3D tattoos for men’ we refer to different kinds of designs that have a theme, besides having an advantage of a three dimensional appeal these designs have something to grab onto the attention of spectators. Perhaps you are not craving for attention, the solidity of the design is what you needed in order to feel confident about your personality, if this is the case trust me you will find a great value in a three dimensional tattoo design.

Review my list of 3D tattoo designs for men of all ages and please don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Yacht sailing in the caribbean

The life is a journey, a long one. You have all the directions as where to go and how to get to the destination but you don’t know when or where your journey will end up. Let the ship of life sail in the water as long as the air is favorable.


Fish preying wildly

We have wild sides to ourselves that are uneasy to explore.   The wild side may make you prey on enemies, simply because the revenge is necessary or maybe some horrible events of the past are still there making you mad, in either case you have got to prey in order to feel satisfied, question is whom you should prey on and what your target is.

Lion  ready to attack tattoo design

The design matches anyone with huge , powerful body and deep masculine impression. You are brave as a lion when there is a fight, isn’t it true?


 Black and white king lion

Just in case you hate colors because your personality is mature and less bolder than others, you can go for black and white printed king lion tattoo, it would do it, too.

Shark fangs tattoo designs

You might be thinking now the article is all about preying and killing targets, it’s not, basically human beings are not animal of prey but there is a rage inside them. The shark fangs just symbolize that you are ready to come in the ground for a fight.



 3D rose tattoo men

Gypsy red rose tattoo may symbolise love and care you have for your loved ones, if you are of soft nature the design is excellent for your hand.


 Jesus Christ Tattoo design for man

You have devoted your entire life to your religion and now it’s the time to show your love for the Christ. Get a tattoo done man.

Jesus Christ tattoo 16

 Gorilla Tattoo 3d

We all are well aware of Gorilla’s anger, they attack the enemy together especially when they feel that their territory is in risk or is being occupied by someone else. They live in group in a place and show care for all members. Their anger is just for other species of animals who attack or hate peace, other than that they are friendly.

Gorilla tattoo on leg 153D wolf tattoo designs

How about reviving the memories of old wolf stories by getting a wolf tattoo done? It is up to you to choose either Alpha or Omega in the design.


fox tattoo men 14

 Female clown tattoo design

This is a kind of horror tattoo because her nose is ripped, lips are stitched and chin is sliced.  There are few men who think of women as horrifying clown with so many faces that may shake the soul from the core.

female clown tattoo men 133d Dog tattoo designs for men

Dogs are harmless to human beings, they are friendly and lovable. If you have a pet then it means you already agree that the tattoo of pet is far better than any other design.


dog tattoo men 123d Compass tattoo design

There is a time in everyone’s life when roads disappear and directions are lost by mist, if you feel like controlling the reign of life once again to continue the journey you have got to have a compass tattoo.


compass tattoo men 11Blue Horse with rose tattoo



blue horse with rose tattoo 10

 Old Hollywood female seducer tattoo

beautiful girl tattoo9

3D girl lying in the bed

baby girl lying in bed tattoo 8

 A big eyes with beautiful colors tattoo

a beautiful 3d eye tattoo 73D skull and octopus tattoo


3D skull octopus tattoo 6Man’s sketch tattoo


3d portrait tattoo 53D horror girl with lips stitched tattoo


3d horror tattoo 4

 3D heart with wings ready to fly tattoo

3d heart with wings tattoo 3

3D Green fish tattoo/Pirhanna

23d fish tattoo men

3D Eyes tattoo design

13d eyes tattoo



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