Awesome American Flag Tattoos

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Getting an American flag tattoo designed on anywhere of your body shows how much patriotic you are and how much you love your country with all its glory. A lot of people are getting the flag tattoo for the only reason for being patriotic, they just love what their country has to offer to them and they enjoy being a part of the country. Having a design will leave you very proud and honored if you are a part of any social community you would definitely be complimented for keeping a great taste in the tattoo designs.
Three major colors of the flags that you would acquire on the tattoo are red, white and blue. Some people have started to add their own perceptive designs such as eagle and other objects on the design in order to make it compelling and more beautiful. If you really want to have a perfect design you must browse through the million versions of it. Make sure to consult a certified tattoo artist before you decide what design is suitable for your skin.
Since American flag designs are very popular nowadays, a lot of native and non native Americans who stay in the US are acquiring them. The most common areas of their body which get tattooed are the lower back, foot, wrist, ankle, chest, armband, back of the neck, shoulder blades, upper arms, thighs/hips, sides of the neck and a lot more. But, you are free to choose where in your body you want to get tattooed.
So many versions and so many choices
As we all know that the American flag we respect and adore has been gone through tens of changes over the years, according to a study it has been undergone twenty six or even transformations since its first design. In other words you will have good and interesting design variations available at your disposal, you just need to pick the right design only.
Three simple versions are as follows:
The military version where American flag tattoo designs are designed with some patches within colors.
The American flag tattoos which are popular todays are of the ones with stars and strips. The common design usually has fifty stars and about 13 strips.
Some of the American flag tattoos designs contain 12 white strips and 13 red strips and so on, there are also 13 stars with the design.
You can opt for any design and combine it with any of the objects you like or respect such as lions, eagles, crosses and any religious signs you believe to be sacred.

Waving American flag tattoo ideas with red strips

dreamcatcher with American flag tattoos inspiration

Black and white american flag tattoo idea

American flag tattoos with eagle showing patriotic spirit

American flag tattoos with cross

American flag tattoos ideas with 13 stars

American flag tattoos 2016

American Flag Tattoos

3D American flag tattoo design in black and white

3d American flag tattoos ideas


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