Awesome Christmas Nail Art Designing

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Soon you will hear ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells’ songs everywhere, it’s more likely that you are planning to décor your Christmas tree with jungle bells as well, they will ring all the day long to alert you that holidays have come and it’s time to sprout up free and happy with kids. Maybe you don’t have kids but have just few very close friends without whom you cannot even breath, you are planning to arrange big parties during the event, you would have less time for your makeup and all the stuff as Christmas is going to be a busy day for you.

What should be done then? You should prepare yourself from today onFch, go to the saloon and get some nails done, wondering what types of designs should be done on the finger nails? Here you, just in case you are enthusiastic to finding awesome Christmas nail art designing, look no more, you will get everything in this post.

Whether you want to decorate your nails with snowflakes accent, Santa Claus, Reindeers, Christmas gifts and candies or a well-decorated Christmas tree, you can pick any nail art design from this post to get started with your nice design.

It took a lot of time to collect these awesome Christmas nail art designing ideas; I am hoping that you will enjoy each art work here. Have fun on Christmas day.

The Christmas Reindeer

It’s a common belief that Santa Claus delivers gifts by flying a cart sledged by a pack of nice and cute reindeer. These animals have always been attributed with the day because they help Santa fly in the art with a great speed require to deliver special gifts to the children of the entire world in a timely manner.

The brown base has been brightened up by drawing reindeer nose and horns, and of course two dotted eyes.

Reindeer nail designs 2014

This artwork has been done on the base of gray whereas the white is being used as a base for the main drawing of reindeer with maroon nose and snow flakes.

Reindeer nail art design 2014

In this art you can notice the use of glittery dots, symbolizing the sparkling snow of the winter where as there is a big sledge being driven by Santa.
Christmas reindeer nail art 2014

Blue Christmas Strips

The snow flakes have been drawn very carefully and artistically with the use of stones in the middle. The real snow might not sparkle or shine like this but it’s that we really cherish our dreams and one dream is to see starry shine in everything including snow on the big day.
Blue nail art design Christmas

Packed Christmas Gifts Nail designing

Not only children are happy to have gifts on the day but also adults are. They exchange special chocolates and sweets to keep up with the spirit of this religious day.
Christmas gift nail art designs 2014

Golden Tree with Sugary Art

Christmas tree nail art 2014

Christmas Igloo nail designing

Aren’t you planning to make some nice snow igloos outside out of fresh snow and then adorn it with the clothing on the Christmas day after all it is sign of the special day. The same idea is good to be used in the Christmas nail designing and artwork, all you need to have to do it properly is some basic drawing skills.

Christmas igloo nail art designs 2014

Winter Leaves with glittery vine

This is for mature women and girls who don’t want to get animated art done.

Christmas decor nail art 2014

Special Day Decoration in Christmas nail designing
Christmas decor nail art 2014

Santa and the snow

It’s easy to do this art. Use glitter to make the flakes while use red and white to make Santa and make sure to add good white in his beard for a nice art.

Christmas Santa Claus nail art

The sparky Flakes on Christmas Days on Nail designins
snow flake christmas nail art 2014

Special Christmas Sweater nail designing

You can achieve this digital printing art by using nail stamps which are being offered at a cheap price on the market.
christmas sweater nail art 2014

Random Items on nails
christmas nail art design 2014

Santa nail designing tutorial

Just in case you are wondering as how to draw Santa on nails, this one tutorial will help you with your creation from step one to step four. Enjoy it.Santa Claus nail art tutorial


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