Beautiful Eyes Tattoos 2015 for Tattoo Lovers

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Isn’t it surprising as how different types of eyes exist on this earth- humans have different eye designs, dragons have different, stags have different and that lions have different. God has created us with a specific design that differs from specie to specie, so there is no doubt that God must have been very creative when he created this universe and all the animals to inhibit it.

Butterflies, some birds and the word Cetra

I love its 3d effect, the lashes are looking so real and beautiful. Now you have to learn what the relation is between the butterfly, clouds and all the black birds flying in the scene.

eye tatoo on chest 2015

Deep Blue:

It’s a deep tattoo with very special meanings, have you ever felt lost in someone’s eyes for love or terror? Sometimes the beauty of colors is too dominate to ignore and it leaves a mark in your memory.

dreamy eye tattoo on back 2015

The time machine:

This tattoo has got a nice mechanical effect to it, you can also see the time ticking inside the eyes, which is telling something- we all have a particular or certain time period to blink our eyes and that we keep observing as long as we are alive.

black and white eye tattoo 2015

The Alligator’s Sight:

It’s look is fierce and dangerous, it may make you shiver in your place for being so terrifying.

realistic eye tattoo 2015

The Red Shot Eye:

There is a terror in this eye, also you can see some red veins which are sign of sleepless nights. It seems it has seen something which is freaky. This is one of my favorite eyes tattoos 2015.

big hazel eye tatoo 2015

Another Fierce Look:

This is definitely telling its own story itself. The reptiles usually have very horrifying eye pattern like this one. It seems this particular eye is looking for a prey to feed on.

big eye tatoo on biceps 2015

The Fierce eye Gesture

tattoo of eyes on neck 2015

Two Beautiful Roses 

The eyes tattoo has a smokey effect and it is paired with two beautiful red roses, all together it symbolizes a female beauty for sure.

eye tattoos with flowers 2015

If you get this design, officially you will have three eyes.

eye tattoo on wrist 2015

green eye tattoo on wrist 2015

kid's eye tattoo on leg 2015

What do you feel when you look into someone eyes? They have a special communication power, for instance, you can look in them and tell if someone is betraying you, laughing at you, or is being angry for a reason. You can see all the emotions within eyes and that’s why they are so meaningful and so powerful in expression. You don’t have to speak a word if you are good enough in passing a message through your eyes, oh yes, everybody’s eyes do speak in a clandestine manner it’s all that you need some guts to understand it all.

What could be better for a tattoo design that tattoo of an  eye? Let’s enjoy beautiful tattoos of eyes 2015 and see how they are different. The ones I am sharing are way too realistic to be ignored, they are hundred percent worth trying. Just in case you are a person looking to have a realistic tattoo with the right pattern you will love to choose one of these beautiful tattoos of eyes 2015 that have impressed me a lot.


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