Rashida Jones side bun

Rashida Leah Jones was born in 1976 in Los Angeles America to Media Mogal who was a musician and producer. The lady became singing and screenwriting in the early age and emerged as one of the finest television actresses of the era, she has also written interesting comic books and showed her writing talent by authoring engaging stories. Besides she played comedy role in Parks and Recreations which was aired by NBC.

After performing in many film roles, Rashida Jones proved herself a talented artist, comedian and writer. I still remember her role Karen Filippeli on the The Office which was a major lead for her for sure. This was her talent that she was appointed on recurring roles- the producers had had faith in her performance so they would recruit her without thinking a jot.

As for Rashida Jones hairstyles and fashion are concerned, one thing I want to mention here is that the lady is sober, she won’t appear in peek-a-boo or see-through outfits because she has a nice reputation in the film industry.

Over the year Rashida Jones has worn many hairstyles and haircuts but some are really worth-trying for instance, her pinned up hairstyles and medium wavy cut that looked awesome on her.

Fringe that Rocks

Among all famous styles one is fringe cut that cover the forehead; if you have a broad face like hers you can definitely try the fringes with long, straight black haircut. Even if your hair is not black you are good to try the cut because it is nice. And when you wear a fringe like this, make sure you also put on this natural smile with it to make your even more beautiful than before.

Rashida Jones short professional fringes

Fringe with side do

Rashida Jones hairstyles may have been through a lot variations and changed but her hair color hasn’t seen much changed except for that it went dark black to brown or coco brown from black and so on. It’s good to wear natural hair color, isn’t it? Her fringe has got a nice symmetry.

Rashida Jones side bun

Only Coco Brown for nice face

This color suits her face well, since her eyes colors are hazel and complexion is bit wheat she has chosen to use coco as a hair dye for her cool layered bangs and she is looking great with all these changes.

Rashida Jones medium hairstyle

Highlights on bottom only

We all know that streaking is done on all the hair but surprisingly she has chosen to do it a bit differently, the blonde color is added on the bottom curls only whereas all the layers up are just in natural color.

Rashida Jones curls and hair highlights

Side Sweeping and naturalism

With all the grease and styling cream you may create a perfect makeover by showing a sleek style but doing all these steals something away known as naturalism. So how about just wearing the style as it sometimes?
Rashida Jones ponytail hairstyle

One long side bang

The orientation of bangs have made her even special, all the locks are styled to cover the face frame beautifully.
Katie Holmes updo hair

Updo with blunt cut

Fringe is cut bluntly at the front and rest of hair is tied up in a nice Chinese style updo. She is wearing the right style for her face.

Rashida Jones high do

Splash of dark brown with gold

This is amazing, isn’t it? Some splash of natural hair shades can bring big changes in your makeup and eyes color, now see how beautiful the color looks because it matches the color of eyes.
Rashida Jones short curly hairstyle

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