Best Barbie Hairstyles to Inspire your Routine Styling

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Not to mention that barbie hairstyles could be our first inspiration when it comes to choosing our own style. Check some ideas on how to do your hair this time.

Who doesn’t love playing with the cute barbie dolls? Almost all girls play with cute barbie dolls in their childhood, I remembered I was having a complete doll house set-up where there were three bed rooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, one garden, one garage for cars, one beautiful baby room, and two dressing rooms full of mini dresses.¬† To buy such a gorgeous and high-class barbie doll house you have to spend some money in the designing of the rooms, in addition some big amount of money also goes into buying furniture, outfits, small accessories of the doll, but it is rewarding. The doll house environment helps set a beautiful fantasy of life that’s free of odds, worries, frustrations and all kinds of hurdles that we would see later after crossing teenage years. Oh those halcyon days when we play with dolls and celebrate their birthdays and conduct parties for their wedding by inviting friends, dear and near ones.

The barbie dolls of modern times are cuter than they were in 1990s because now they know how to style their hair- they don’t literally do it themselves, but they are very much more like Hollywood celebrities and guess what all little girls fall in love with their style. Thanks to innovation and modern technology for providing so many beautiful dolls to the market so that little ones can enjoy their play with friends.

Today I am writing this article on best ¬†dolls’ hairstyles because I am truly inspired by their looks, the way they come dressed up in packet, and overall their makeup which is sleeker and more adorable than the old barbie dolls we had had access to.

New dolls are more realistically designs, probably trying to be portrait of real celebrities, in terms of makeup, hairstyles, and dressing. The figure of barbie dolls isn’t changed much, of course they are still made of plastic but now they are available in different skin tones such as black, blonde, ebony, fair, Asian, Chinese and Korean. This is really remarkable.

Modern Barbie dolls are very choosy and sassy because they love going parties (my fantasy), love dancing and swaying to music and they now keep a big wardrobe as they have got plenty of clothes for important events.

Barbie are wearing different kinds of stylish hairstyles such as retro, chignons, bob, waves, blonde waves, high buns, and even permed hair. Check out best barbie dolls’ hairstyles that are very adorable and exquisite.

vintage barbie hairstyles with chignons

vintage barbie hairstyles with chignons

trendy barbie hairstyles in top pony style

trendy barbie hairstyles in top pony style

party barbie hairstyles with hair extension

long barbie hairstyles in orange color

impressive barbie hairstyles with topknots bun

golden princess barbie hairstyles ideas

golden princess barbie hairstyles ideas

cute black barbie hairstyles with trendy sunglasses

bride barbie hairstyles with curls

beautiful blonde barbie hairstyles for teenage girls

barbie hairstyles with high pony

barbie hairstyles for parties

barbie hairstyles and updos



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