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Flowers start to wither and lose their colors and leaves start to fall from the trees in fall. Most poets write poems on falling leaves and emaciated flowers, considering that fall is the best season to express their inner sadness and failure in love. Why is this so? Those leaves which were once green in color would change their shade from happy green to sad red and in the same way flowers lose their beauty, fume and aroma due to environmental changes.  The same thing implies to fashion accessories and fall clothing, both have to be related to fall, flowers, shrunken leaves, barren trees and landscapes.  If you check some latest winter clothing designs, you’ll find that each piece is a true inspiration of fall. By designing clothes according to season, the designers are giving you a chance to live up the present time.

Now let’s talk about hair accessories and hair accents which are making a big buzz this fall. We all have plenty of hair clips and small pins with stones in our wardrobes and we love all these items simply because they help us spice up our simple hairstyles. Some curled wavy hair strands can be tweaked with a beaded hair pin. As we all know that fashion has a lot to do with the season, environmental changes and occasions, our collection should be based on the true seasonal masterpieces.  You can collect a lot of fall hair accents this year to adorn your hair beautifully.  Just in case you are looking to get idea on what types of hair accents would be useful in hair decoration during fall, you should check out six inspirations shown below,these are some must-have hair accents for fall:

Winter Leaves: The shape of winter leaves is very different as compared to fresh spring leaves. By seeing a hair accent, you can easily tell if leaves structure is related to fall or spring.  A hair accent with leaves or a veil of small leaves can be a true expressive of your inner feelings besides adding a beauty to your style.

hair accessory fall



Tree branches: What is the best way to describe a fall or barren tree? Of course, you will see if the bushes and branches have fruits on it or not.  Check this hair accent that’s a true representative of fall.

hair accent with branches

Trail of bouquets: A hair accent with tiny flowers and few trails of leaves can also be weaved into an updo to oomph up style.

hair accent fall


Tiny Leaves and Several flowers: A headband with several leaves and big flowers can also help make a fall inspired hairdo.

Random beaded flowers: It’s necessary to choose a hair accent that’s fully inspired with a season but lacks the beauty needed to beautify a hairstyle.  Check this accent, it has some beaded engraved here and there so that the jewelry item can convey its meanings without looking boring.

hair accessory flower

Bold hair accent: Bold hair accents should be worn on parties and events only, because they are usually very expensive, heavy weight and somewhat glamorous. They are used for decorating high updo or weaved braids.

leaves hair accessory


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