Some of the Best Odette Yustman hairstyles

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The girl with an innocent face, energetic appearance and lovely eyes has impressed many fans around the world. Her smile is terrific, one thing people say about her is that she keeps on smiling no matter one and it’s a kind of encouragement for those who want to learn something from their life; if there is something good to learn from the life, there is something bad to put you down as well. In either case, you just have to smile in order to prove yourself a successful survivor.

I have seen almost all of the best Odette Yustman hairstyles and I would admit that all of these are rational somewhere. She does not wear haircuts to get attention, though by changing the appearance every celebrity wants to inspire others, but this one particular lady does things for herself, not for getting attention or anything.

Odette Yustman is also known as Annable, she was born in Los Angeles in 1985.She is a young actress having Italian and French descent, since her mother is Cuban and father is from Nicaragua.  She studied business finance and was very dedicated but she dropped her education for her acting career. She had an actress inside her who had to come out of her. Her passion made her to go to the movies for proving the talent and today she is a well-known actress.

Odette Yustman hairstyles are mostly in two shades black and  brown, she wears feathers and layers on long hair.

Long Styles with shine

This particular style is regular and common but it has some sort of hidden charisma which speaks for itself. She is proving that sometimes you can go simple, without those heavy braids that give you well-finished yet preplanned look.

Odette Annable layered haircut

You can team the hair with a slightly raised back up do for a gorgeous appearance like her.
Odette Annable party hairstyle

Long with brown shade:

Her brownish hair at the bottom is looking fantastic, it is sort of creating a nice ombre which is perfect for her face shape, complexion and of course makeup as well.
Odette Annable long hairstyles

Just Tied Pony

She has a very broad face so she made a pony by pulling all the heavy hair in it and is supporting bangs that frame the sides of face.

Odette Annable fringe with ponytail

More Gold Brown in hair

There was a point when she thought or believe that it would be good to add some golden brown in hair because the black color was dull and monochromatic. You should do such changes when you are fade up wearing the same shade for a long time period.

Odette Annable long retro curls

Tied back curls

Not all the curls are fully tied back in the style instead she kept some on the front so they can cover the face. Otherwise she would have ended looking overbold.

Odette Annable faux bob

Greasy and sleek style

It is not easy to keep all the hair in place for a long time without using a greasy substance, for instance a thick cream or a styling cream which can help with the styling process. She has done the same here, after using the cream she pulled hair back and used a band to secure it in place.
Odette Annable sleek hairdo


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