Black men have traditionally worn their hair in one cut and style. No matter what age, income level or even profession, there was only one way to do it. The short close-cropped to the head design was the norm. Times have certainly changed and so have black men haircuts and hair styles.
There is an enormous amount of possibilities to choose from. Each one designed to show the exceptional look and feel to a kind of hair both special and unique. Choices for individualism among a strong and proud group of men are enormous today.
Corn rows or French braids
Corn rows or French braids are everywhere today. The style became popular by other ethnic groups when Bo Derek wore them in the movie Ten, but black men and women have worn them for years. Braids are among most favored black men hairstyles inspiration.

These are especially popular among the professional sportsmen. It keeps your head cool and dry as well as easy to handle for longer locks. Beads and other decorative art are typically added, but men will generally keep it simple and go without these accessories.

This type of styling can vary from simple to intricate and everything in between, depending on the preference. It is generally worn with short to medium hair. Though, hair extensions added will get them to any length you like.

The shorter appearance is extremely popular with men. However, you can find a number of black men that sport longer French braids. Even though they seem loose and carefree, they are tight and controlled in their fashioning and formatting. You can put them back in a ponytail for a more tailored or professional look and feel.

braid hairstyles for black menThese are sweets, aren’t they?
black men cornrows

So trendy and beautiful.

afro hairstyles black men
Best black men hairstyles inspirations
This is what other ethnicity would describe as a “crew cut”. There is a longer form at the top while keeping the rest of the hair short and neat. The sides and back are tapered up to reach the top which is longer and cut in a crew. As the cut moves toward the front it becomes gradually longer.

This is definitely one for the professional and easy to keep up. It does require frequent cutting because no loose or “fly-aways” are seen to support the persona of the style.

afro fade hairstyles black men

Pony made with the dreadlocks, so men hairstyles

Although the look came into fashion during the 1970s, it still has the guise of projecting all that is African-American. Long hair without color or only a cut to keep it neat and tidy, an Afro is one of the most recognized black man hair styles in the world
A push for pride is recognizable in wearers; the Afro simple says it all. It says black men are strong, élite, unique, proud, self-reliant and confident. These are not normally seen with men over the age of 30 anymore, but the younger generation is still sporting them everywhere. Afros have become one of many popular black mens haircuts 2013.

You can grow these to any length and the longer the better. However, the more length you have on this hair cut the more styling products are typically needed to keep it looking great.

afros for black men

Kind of high fade with little kinky curls.
fade hairstyles for black men

Very beautiful kinky curls.
kinky curls for black men

Cuts inside of cuts

This is a recent shaping of hair which gets a second glance when you initially see it. This is a shorter haircut with another haircut inside of it. Whether the wearer chooses to have their favorite football team insignia or even a cartoon character, you definitely need to display much finesse to pull this one off. Outgoing personalities are where you see these shine because they draw and enormous amount of attention with their uniqueness.

Some of the cuts inside of the cuts will have color added or even different textures. These are described as works of art and rightly so. Along with the stares and glances comes much admiration for the artistry displayed with this expression of individualism.


Dread locks and cornrows

Dread locks were initially prevalent on the West Coast of the U.S and quickly spread across the nation as well as the color lines. Any hair type and ethnicity can wear the dread lock.
There is little care required and the only way to change from this styling to another is to cut all the hair off. The tightly wound and locked hair cannot be undone once styled in this way. It is simply grown with frequent shampooing and conditioning.
Although a number of black men wear them, they originated in the tropical islands of places like Jamaica.

This is a cool hair styling ideas for black teenagers.

black men mohawk

Love these long dreads with color highlights.

black men long dreadlocks


During the 1970s the Afro made its appearance and since then how black men wear their hair hasn’t taken one step back. In fact, they have forged ahead with creativity and their admired cutting and styling techniques. They have made their own niche in trends which set them apart from other ethnic groups.Although there are other ethnicity which have hair textures close to theirs, they have formed unique and stylish fashion choices which are attractive to millions of women around the world.

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