Blue hair color idea for Teenagers

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I like making a mention of Chinese Boys’ fashion because they are way too much liberal in wearing unique haircut as compared to western men. Whereas western boys always have to think about  maintaining a professional makeover for their fans, Chinese boys on the other hand try to keep themselves upgraded with the time- no matter what it takes to get the attention they will do it. When I saw this photo shoot I fell in love with the color. You just need to learn how to make a nice combination using two tones in hair. If your hair is dark brown, trust me you can bring a twist by dying hair differently. Choose your contrast now. If you think blue will not suit you can opt for some classy, natural shades out there.

undercut blue colored hairstyle boys 2015

the shortest haircut men 2015

There was a time when I used to believe that black is the only shade a man can pull off but now I have extended my thoughts, seeing the changing trends of the men’s fashion. Now you will see more men wearing red, blue and yellow hair colors, sometimes radiant streaks on brown base hair color. You are more likely to encounter men with colored hairstyles if you are living anywhere near the area where the punk fashion is being followed with dedication by a few selected groups of men and women. Besides men belonging to punk culture, you will see some teenage boys wearing blue hair color.

I have come up with a fantastic blue hair color for teenagers, I am strictly dedicating this post to teenagers because the hair color I am sharing in the photo shoot is well-suited for boys of particular age group (between 14-22). If you are above 22 you should check some other posts on this blog, you will get plenty of ideas on the haircuts as well.

boys blue hair color 2015

Blue hair color men 2015

Enjoy reading blue haircut idea for teenagers. If you review the hairstyle closely you will notice that the nape hair has been buzzed and dyed in black or dark brown, the front/crown hair has been dyed in gray, blue and turquoise shade, the layer cut has been given prior to the dying. The haircut has been kept short on the front and the length is kept even shorter at the nape.

I believe this color is very wonderful and easy to combine with the base hair color, however if you are somehow restricted to use such shades on events only you can use a semi-permanent form to give a new twist to your appearance but for the time being.


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