Ravishing pastel blue hairstyles

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Our hair has also a tone just like our skin. A moderately fair skin and black hair symbolize that you are Caucasian or Asian, blonde hair and white skin tone make you and European and the like.  If a blonde is wearing a hair dye that compliments her skin tone very well doesn’t necessarily mean an Asian women would look the same way, therefore it is necessary to consider your hair texture, culture and skin tone before dying your hair.

In recent years, pastel colors have been enormously popular because they are very delicate and soft; they lend a very sleek impression to any women who are very sensitive by nature. Of course, this is what we feel when we see someone wearing a light pastel shade over her natural hair color tone.

Amongst all the nicest and recommended pastel hair color, one is called egg blue pastel hair color which is very much popular these days since it has a lot of range and brighter as well as lighter shades to choose from. The robin nest with blue egg looks fantastic, the same color was adapted in the home décor in the early 1990s, however, the use was somewhat limited to wall paints and home décor theme.
Today you will find a plenty of colors (deeper and lighter) in robin’s egg blue hair color. You need to choose semi-permanent dye for your hair because it is way better than the permanent colors. I recommend you to use a chemical-free color to stain your hair instead of dying it from the roots. The semi-permanent color will not last long but it will fulfill your desire for having colored hair.

Check more of ravishing hairstyles that have pastel blue hairstyles and take inspiration from them just in case you are looking to wear anything more attractive this year.

All the colors like a rainbow after the rain

It has all the light and dark color combinations that exist on the earth. Go for a confident look rather than the bold one to feel comfortable for your own fashion.

pastel haircut 2015

Merge lilac with pastel sky blue dye

This is edgy and soft.
pastel blue and lilac hair 2015

The Fishtail braid with updo

The impressive color has made braiding a big fun for this girl.

pastel blue braid 2015

Wear it long in original texture

Don’t let the silky effect fade away when you dye your hair because it will set some impression.

pastel blue fishtail idea 2015

Be messy yet neat with side pinning

Make a color contrast with your eye color whether it is blue or purple, this style seems to be a wrong color choice but it is not because it is merging with the face.
paste blue hair idea women 2015

Add a touch of white with blue to look bright

She is neither a hippie not a model but another downtown girl with a great taste in hair colors and cuts.

pastel blue hair idea 2015

Be Sweet with sweet side blue bangs

Want to achieve a bold effect without looking overdone? Opt for this nice hair color and manage your cut in a sober way to show off best of yourself.

robin egg blue pastel hair idea 2015

Dip dye in your favorite colors and make curls

Good dip dying would turn out to be special for everyone even for those who would walk pass by you on the streets.

pastel blue violet dip dying

Unusual addition of blonde with blue

Sometimes an unusual combination of dyed hair makes you feel special like this.

pastel blue hair knot 2015

Thick back pony of pastel blue

The pony is thick in nature and it’s messy, too but somehow special due to the color alone.
pastel blue ponytail 2015

Ombre on layers

Great gray will add a sober effect with blue, oh it’s not a common or trendy contrast, but she has managed to pull it off quite comfortably to make us believe that anything can look nice if you do it right.

pastel ombre2015

All the pastels in an updo

The great updo with almost tens of colors, all are lights yet all are nice.
pastel hairstyle for parties 2015

Two toned hair twirls

The family contrast can turn your layered twirls very bouncy and amazing.

pastel blue curls 2015

Purple makes good combination with pastel sky

The cropping on the layers have helped the girl to have a distinctive makeover, which is very different and very sleek.
robin egg blue and purple hair 2015



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