short bob with bangs

Having a bob cut with flowing bangs is just a fantasy- do you know why most game girls or characters are witnessed wearing short fringes? Because these fringes add a special effect to their natural face frame; as we all have a certain face shape, surprisingly bob fringes go very well with any structure whether it’s oval, round, diamond, or long. Some pear shaped faces are never seen without short bob haircuts as if short bangs are meant to cover the face all of the time. For round face, blunt or bowl bob haircut is suitable because it covers or hides the chubbiness of the cheeks.
There are many types of bob haircuts which we can discuss in the article, but today I am focusing more on preaching about the short bob haircuts with bangs. All celebrities seem to be wearing these bangs all over the years during festivals, prom nights, TV and live music shows. Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna- These ladies are often seen in bob fringes at special events.
So how can you add fringes to a bob whether it is a bowl cut, stacked cut or angular with edgier side-cuts on the both sides of face frame. I’d better if I describe it with illustration above the images of bob haircuts shown below:

Stacked bob with glossy finish and few orange streaks here and there on the side bangs. Look how confident her hairstyle has made her in public. Bob haircut with sleek bangs is covering her slim, oval face quite smartly.

gradulated bob with bangs

Bob haircut with long, short side bangs for diamond face shape. Hair is cut shorter from the middle and longer on the side while few cherry red streaks have been added to the fringes to bring up the energy of the face. Sleek makeup is going very well with the cut. The hint of green color with slight orange spray is giving her an edgy look.

assymetrical bob haircut with bang

Many of you may not find this hairstyle adorable, it’s a side cut, perfect for rocker girl as few light pastel streaks are added in the front. It’s another type of bob haircut wherein bangs fall on the face making angular layers.

typical bob with fringe

This image of bob haircut is a perfect example of the statement that says age and maturity has nothing to do with the hair color or cut. Cherry red hair color is merging well with the angular bob cut that has so noticeable one-sided fringes covering the face frame in a good fashion.

slanted bob bangs

Plunging, carefree bob haircut with messy bangs falling around the round face frame, covering chubbiness of the cheeks and sideburns.

short bob cut with bangs

If you think that family hair color streaks have gone out of style, you are wrong because these bob fringes are well carrying two different colored streaks on the dark brown hair color base.

retro bob with bangs

Perfect model look- suitable for college and rocker girls. On one side of the face, bob bangs fall in a carefree manner while the cut behind and on the left side is kept well tamed.

cute Assymetrical bob with bangs

Whereas all other girls sport left sided bangs, some love to go for right sided fringes for a change. Her shocking, crimson red hair color may get noticed easily but look at the pattern of the bob haircut that has well-maintained layers bangs falling nicely.

layered bob with fringe

Got mature face? What about this bob haircut which is longer on the front and shorter from the back, at the nape of the head it’s cut at equal length. If you don’t want side-parted bob fringes, you can get a nice center parted bob cut that can allow you to be in style forever.

short bob with bangs

The blunt bob cut is so much popular among Afro-american women and Asian alike, now European girls have finally realized its importance in the fashion. You can sport it too. Dark brown blunt bob haircut fringes, nice cut for those who don’t have enough time to maintain their hair.

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