Bold Lip Colors for Night Parties

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There would be too many night-outs in next year, probably even before it because Christmas Eve is drawing near with every passing day. It’s already December, everyone is preparing for the upcoming events, making huge plans for spending vacations in a cozy plan to warm up the winter. I can easily guess that many of you are also shopping for essential makeup accessories and you are trying to pick colors such as pink, red, rosy and orange. There are more colors and potentially more methods for applying a lipstick but this post is strictly apply the colors that are not easy to put on the lips for their being dark and a bit bold.

If you consider that wearing lipsticks is a fun art more than just a common task you can do it better. The creativity of applying the makeup should allow you to go and think beyond the traditional measures especially when it comes to makeup art. You need to prove your artistry in this field by using the products you have. There are millions of mind-blowing lipstick shades around the world, but if you use something like glitter on it, you can improve the appearance, it’s something not everybody is doing these days. Women are opting for lipsticks containing glitters just in case they intend to use it for parties, but there are more ways of improving the lipstick colors. Should I tell you that black lipsticks are getting more popularity, you don’t need to fear for wearing such colors just because people would consider you a dark persona, who cares what others think, so just wear what suits on your face.

We can talk on many trendy, mind-blowing shades whole day long but I will keep this post precise by making my points clear on those particular lips which can be tried at home with little effort and more creativity. Check out these bold lip colors that anyone can put on during special night outs, parties and disco events. I hope you will love these.

Blue with Sparkle and glitter

This glitter is available all over the market in different colors and styles. This model has put on heavy, medium size sparkle for disco makeover, if you are not comfortable with it you can go for the medium or short size. Use a makeup graded glue for sticking the glittery substance or else it may cause irritation, tangling or uncomfortable feeling during the event.

blue lips with glitter

Classy Blue Violet for bold fashion

It won’t be wrong to say that bold colors are rarely considered for outdoor events because they can make one overbold very easily, but this will not be the case when you do the eye makeup right.Wear less makeup for eyes when you wear dark lips like this classy blue.
ark blue lips

Galaxy Glittery Lip color 

You can support these nice galaxy lips with a sequined dress because it will make a nice harmony with it. Use white shimmery shade for the eyes makeup when you plan on putting on this much heavy art on lips.

galaxy inspired glittery lips

Animated Lip color

I named it as an animated color because the outline is very defined with the black color and the lipstick used to fill is a kind of rare shade. She is playing a character from the comic books.

glittery blue lips with black outline

Pastel Lilac lip color

Some girls like to put on soft looks because they are more comfortable in wearing less to no makeup than that of bold versions.  This makeup is cute because she has also changed her hair by using a semi hair color to give a nice finish to pastel shades she used all over.

lilac lipart for parties

Lime Crime Blue Disco Lip color

With fancy and sequence cocktail dress you can wear these nice lips.

blue glittery lips with lime crime

Light Pink lip colors with soft glitter

It’s for you if you want it soft, cool and very delicate. Gel glitter is used over the pink in this makeup.

glittery pink lips for parties

Flower petals like lip color with maroon and pink

It’s fun to create a petal like lip by using two to three lipsticks at once.

ombre of maroon and red

Light Neon Sky Blue lip color idea

I am sure you have not tried anything like this. Use one neon shade, the brightest one for smokey eyes as well as for lip decoration to get noticed out there by everyone.

neon sky blue lip art

Dark and light maroon lipstick color

This makeup is bold but simple. Use darkest lip line on the lips and fill it with the light shade.

maroon and red lipart

Glamorous Violet lips

It’s just done in one go, pick the boldest, darkest violet and apply it.violet forest lipart 2015


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