Neon hair glows in light

Neon hair dyes are innovative, they can transform your hair from simple to magnificent. If you are bore of your black color you should try some bold neon hair color ideas 2018 in order to look different this year.

Hair color trends keep changing every year especially in those countries where fashions, styles, and trends are worshiped like a real God of the universe. Believe it or not, some people of the earth are born to embrace and live the fashion to their best and I am very much sure that you are reading this article because you are one of them. If you are thinking of changing your old hair color this year, it is very important to get knowledge of latest hair color 2018 so that you can follow something which is acceptable, modern, and popular this year.

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There are three to four natural hair colors which are being used by almost every college girl and working women and these are caramel, brown, coco-brown, and dark red shades. These colors are truly on the side of natural hair color which everyone can try out without fearing about their look. However, there are some brave college girls who crave for adopting a vibrant and rich look this year and these ladies would love to wear sharp or soft neon hair colors 2018. If you haven’t heard of the term ‘neon hair’ let me tell you that the shades coming under it are very blunt, sharp, and edgy, sometimes super trendy depending on how you carry it and let it merges with your personal style. Green, yellow and orange are few neon colors 2018 which can make a big difference how your hair looks.

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Four common neon colors are blue, red, purple, and orange, but latest hairstyle trends have given unthinkable dimensions to traditional hairstyling technique. For instance, rather than dying all hairs in one neon shade of browns or greens, girls are now going for highlighting only. A section of front or back hair is dyed in neon hair while the rest of hair is kept to its natural shade. The brightest shades are the best neon colors 2018 for any hair regardless of the length.

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Neon highlighting is done after coloring the hair in one natural base hair color like red, brown, black, chocolate brown or any other color which one wants to wear. Highlights of sharp colors are then given carefully either on the front side of the head or somewhere near the hair roots whatever gives a good impression.

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Other techniques of getting a perfect look is dip dying in which two toned neon hair colors are used for hair coloring or sometimes multi colors are used all together. If you want to dye your hair in one tone only, buy any neon color and apply it at home without paying heavy cash to any hair stylist.  Popular neon hair colors 2018 are blue, red, violet, electric blue, grey, and yellow, sometimes neon orange is also used for creating a fire like look in the hair. Decide If you can carry such look with confidence or not.


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