Cool Bowl Cuts for Men

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Can a man wear the Bowl cuts for men? Haven’t you watched Harry Potter? Well, Ron, the last son of the red haired Weasleys wore a Bob style throughout the series and he was hot. Men have been sporting the Bob style since the 70s though it has undergone a series of changes since then.

Bowl Hairstyles for men:

The Bowl cut is one of great versatility and has produced a lot of variations which has made it suitable for men of all ages, hair colors, and hair length. It even made appearances in many 2016 collection for men. You must have the required confidence needed to rock the style or otherwise you would end up looking clumsy. The cut is meant for boys of certain age group only, you should rather wear bangs or regular cuts if you are in your thirties.

Buzzed nape is an add on.

tapered bowl cut hair for men

It’s very neat and sleek.

sculpted bowlhairstylefor men

It would be suitable for long faces.
retro bowl cut hair for men

Something that can truly be called trendy and hot.modern bowl cut for men

Helmet bowl cuts for men:

Perhaps one of the trendiest hairstyles for men with short hair is this bowl style.. This type is cut short allover including the fringe and is suitable for adults and college guys. What the hairstylist usually do is they place a cup cap on the head and shave all the hair from the head which is not covered by the cup of the cap. They take off the cap later in the process and trim the hair. Sometimes little shaving is required to tweak the entire cut whereas sometimes just bit clipping is required to smoothen the edges.

helmet bowl cut idea for men

Some rough textures have added grace.

curly bowl cut idea men

Bowl is brilliant with good cutting done on the temple areas.

classy bowl hairstyle men

Helmet bowl cut with grace.classy bowl cut hairstyles for men

Cool Bowl haircuts with textures for men:

Men with long hairs are not left out of the Bob hairstyles either. There are retro’s from the 80s which have been trending since 2000. They generally have a grubby look but are absolutely stylish and fashionable. If you are still a school going guy, you might want to get a more disciplined appearance by wearing a bowl cut , however it’s not necessary always to be a school boy to wear the style, you can wear it in many different ways as well. Just wear some bangs along it and you will look perfect.

bowl cut with highlights for men

Side shaving has added more beauty, also the bowl is worn as a fringe here.
bowl cut idea for men

It it not short, not long, moderate fringe for the oval face.
blunt bowl cut for men


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