Box braid for long hair blac women

Braided hair never goes out of style, not to mention the large variety of hairstyles a black girl can do. If you take very good care of your braided hair your hairstyle can even last for many days as well. Here are some ways to stylish way to braid your hair, for African American girls. With the following hair styles it is very important to not braid too tightly so that traction alopecia isn’t the result. Braided hairstyles for black girls are just like a ritual which they must accept in order to look sexy and smart in the society as well as in community.

Individual Braids

For girls who want to don a more protective style. Try this do. The hair is divided into sections to braid each. Braid each section to the end. You can adjust the size of the braid to your desired thickness by adjusting the size of each section. The individual braids can additionally be styled in an updo or a bun for extra flare. This style is best for naturally longed hair and can be mimicked with extensions for shorter hair.

Individual braid idea for black women

Twisted Braids

This hairstyle is easy to achieve. All you need to do is twist two sections of hair together. It is low cost stylish, preserves your hair’s moisture. And even creates a new wavy hair when undone. It can be used with or without extensions. Not to mention its use for styling French braids. To add more flare, consider using a colorful elastic band to make the twisted braids stand out. It’s also perfect for younger black girls since it’s easy to do and requires little to no cost.

Kinky twist braid for black women

Micro/Zillion Braids

This is a very popular style to don for black girls. Usually much smaller than an individual or single braid. Make the parts have the size of an individual braid. You can use hair extensions if your hair is too short. Prep your extension for braiding, and braid it to your own hair, make sure to braid it the same way as individual hair braids. This style is braided using three sections instead of two. You can set the hair with hot water so it doesn’t unravel. These are amongst best braided hairstyles for black women.

Microzillion braid for black women

African American French Braids

This braid can be achieved using extensions. Braid close to the scalp using your original hair. Make sure to use larger sections of hair to give the French braid effect. The trick to this is achieved by grabbing different section of the hair to braid with the extension. The extension’s beginning should be prepped before braiding it with your original short hair. You can do more than one braid to suit the style you’re going for.

braided hairstyles for black women

Check out pictures of some more braided hairstyles for black girls:

Tree Braids

Usually this hairstyle usually requires extensions. This style is very protective of for relaxed or natural black hair. The extensions usually used are wavy Brazilian hair extensions to create a fabulous effect. Extensions are braided with the base of the hair and the rest of the hair or extension is left flow freely. The tree braids can be styled in corn rows or individual braids. It’s wonderful if you need to give your hair a break from styling and chemicals. With the right maintenance the style can last up to 2-3 months.  It is also faster to style than micro braids.  The important thing is to select the right length of extension and to lightly oil your braids for upkeep. Match your shampoo for the extension being used.

Tree braid ideas for black women

Some more ideas:

Curly braid with mohawk

cute braided mohawks black women

Box braid on long hair

Box braid idea black women

Plaited weaved mohawk

Box braids for black women

Simple crown braidBraids for black women

Box braided mohawk with twisted loops

cute braided mohawk for black women

Box  braid for long hair

Box braid for long hair blac women


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