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New Year is crawling towards us showily and steadily. With new era and new times, everyone will have new dreams, new goals, and new destinations.  Men would crave to achieve their business goals in 2014 while women would dream about looking more beautiful, more adorable and more eye-catching this year. The clothing trend of New Year is so unpredictable and is yet to be studied- we will definitely check out designers’ collection and their designs to create our ideas our contemporary outfits.Though clothing trends would change but hair styling trends may or may have big changes to notice, however hairstylists would discover some more braids and some more wavy looks to decorate the hair of models on runways. Among all haircuts and hairstyles, braided hairstyles have remained one of the best hair design options and it may continue to be around us forever and may never go out of fashion. Let’s take a peek at some types of braided hairstyles 2014 that may help you rock in a modern style without doing much effort.

Two strand twist-:  This kind of braid needs serious hand-skills and talented mind to work with. The twist we are talking about here is not as easy as overlapping two strings over each other; it’s more about working with two strands of hair neatly and professionally. The style is easier, simpler and sleeker if done with care. The smaller the twist, the longer your braided hairstyle will last. Using some hairstyling products may help in styling such as pomade, hair balm or a cream to make hair strands bit greasy so that it can be easy to work with the style.  Don’t use oily product it will make the hair look greasy and filthy.

Box braided hairstyles 2014: Box braid is not a very new term to hear or read, we all know that this type of hairstyle design are often accomplished with the use of hair extensions or yarn as hair strands are weave into each other for the final look. Box braids are popular with African American community, but they are not getting recognition in modern, European culture as well.

box braid hairstyle

Plaited Braided hairstyles: Plaited braids are so much enticing and popular because they take a lot of time and look fascinating when are completed. Each hair braid is pinned up and is loosen in a particular shape for the final look; the ended hair design will have flowers, plait, rolled braid, or certain shape to it. The hair is styled from ear to ear until you reach at the bottom hair sections.

plaited braid hairstyle

Classic French Braids 2014: I am pretty much sure that French braids would continue to be among major braided hairstyling options in 2014. It’s because you can do a lot of things with it, once you get the hang of it, you can literally make several hairstyle variations with little experiments.

double herringbone braid

english braid hairstyle

french braid

french braid idea 2

Herringbone braided hairstyles 2014: Don’t confuse fishtail braid with herringbone braided hairstyle even though both have somewhat the same finish.   The bone braid is created on long hair often, so if you have got beautiful, wavy, long locks you can try on herringbone this year with your casual outfit (skirts, maxis, and t-shirts).

braided hairstyles boho

 Side braided hairstyles: Side braided hairstyles are always a hit, no matter what the latest fashion and hair styling trends are, you’ll notice that braid on one side remains one of the hottest trends.  You can use your front layers or long chopped hair to tie in a side braid, combine two stranded ponytail or anything with it to be or look modern.

fishtail herringbone braid

braided hairstyles boho

English Braided hairstyles: When you see someone wearing an English braid you try to figure out the styling technique and you often conclude that it is created with three or four strands and there are no plating involved. On the contrary, the braid is difficult to make even with three strands because with a little mistake it can turn into a French braid.

classy braid hairstyle

Heidi Braided hairstyles: These braids are actually two braided that are twisted at the nape of the head and are pulled up for styling.

heidi braid idea

Rope braided hairstyles: Are you wondering what rope braided hairstyles actually are and how they are made? It’s just the work of hand; you have got to divide your hair into two or three sections at the nape of the neck, twist your sections clockwise and once they are twisted, you have to cross the right section over middle and middle over the left and so on. If you think, working with three hair sections is difficult in the beginning you can start with two sections, twists both of the sections and wrap them over each to make a strong rope braid, that’s it.




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