Elegant Braided Mohawk for Black Women

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you for your uniqueness. But why stop there? The possibilities are endless. The three main ways to achieve braided Mohawks, double sided braided Mohawk, center braided Mohawks, and one sided Mohawks.

Double Sided Braided Mohawk

The Mohawk is achieved by braiding cornrows at both sides of the head and leaving the center area unbraided.


kinky twist mohawk braid for black women

Natural Braided Mohawk

The middle section of the hair is left unaltered, except for styling products to hold the hair in place. This is most suitable for black girls with shorter hair.

Twisted micro braids mohawk for black women

Pony Tail Braided Mohawk

After applying the double sided, braided Mohawk. Achieve this look by grouping the hair in the middle section with several elastic bands, along the Mohawk section.

Braided mohawk with undercut style

Bold Braided Mohawk with Curls

Here the center portion of the hair is curled. There are many ways to achieve this look. Two of them are listed below.

Ultramodern briaded mohawk for black women


Braided Bantu Mohawk

Bantu knots are a hair twisting method where two strands of hair are twisted to make a braid like structure. The twisted braid is then rolled on itself into a bun. The bun is then released after some time, to achieve a curly and puffy hair effect. After applying a double sided braided Mohawk, divide the center section of the hair into Bantu knots. The number of Bantu knots depends on how curly you want your hair to be. Use more knots for a curlier effect.

Curly braided mohawk for black women

Braided Twisted Mohawk

Similar to the Bantu Mohawk but instead of making your own Bantu knots just curl the middle section using rollers to achieve your curly effect. Twist outs are less curly then Bantu knots and work better for longer hair. It gives your hair a more wringlet appearance.

Summer braided mohawk black women


Center Braided Mohawk

With this variation only the center section is braided but the sides are left unbraided. It’s easier for black girls who don’t want to do cornrow braid their hair. These styles can also be merged with the double sided Mohawk to achieve a full braided effect.

Braided mohawk with mico twists

Braided Mohawk Buns

This style is the both easy and fast. Styling hair in cornrows is not required to achieve this look. Simply section your hair into desired amount of buns starting from the top center of your head to the top bottom.  After fixing the hair using suitable hair products, get braided hair extensions and wrap them around each individual bun, to create a Mohawk bun.

Indivdual braided mohawk for black women

One Sided Braided Mohawk

One sided braided styles are perfect for black girls with loose curls. Only one side of the hair is cornrow braided. The remainder of the hair is left to hang loosely. To prevent the cornrows from unraveling, tease the ends of the cornrow braids. Additionally you can hairspray the braided ends to seal them in place.

braided mohawk for black women with sideshaving

With plaits

Unique plaited braided mohawk for black women

Modern with colored hair splitting idea.Braided Mohawk modern

Some with the curls in center

cute braided mohawk black women

These are some of the braided mohawk I have collected to give you an inspiration, I will have more in the coming future.

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