Butch Haircuts for men

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Men working in the professional and military fields are not allowed to wear long hair for hygienic reasons. Short haircuts are considered to be more professional as compared to long cuts because they go hand to hand with the masculinity of the males while long haircuts are good for those men who are trendy, working in a personal working environment. Almost all Wrestlers, boxers and sorcerers don a kind of a butch hair which is even cut shorter sometimes than its usual length so that the player can perform well in the game. What does a short cut has to do with the performance of a player?  There is no denying that you have to do more work on your hair if it is long such as layers, bangs, Mohawk and medium shags. These cuts obtrude the performance of  a player because the hair keeps falling into eyes for being long, thus hindering the movements.

Trend for butch haircuts for men

Many men are wearing butch haircuts for men but now they are contemplating more on having the hair graduated from the top at a length of 1.5 quarter of an inch instead of 1 quarter and the hair on the top and the sides are cut the same length. Men don’t like wearing a butch that’s cut closely to the scalp as it gives an impression of baldness sometimes.  It’s not necessary to have an extreme butch cut as you are within your rights to decide the length of the hair that will be trimmed during the procedure.

Stylizing butch hairstyles
A butch cut is very similar to crew cut in a way that the cutting is done one quarter of an inch on the top and three quarters of an inch on the back, following the contour of the head. However, sometimes the whole head of hair is cut the same length sometimes upon the desire of the wearer.  There is a variant of the butch cut where a slight graduation of the top hair helps achieve a little flip up of the hair at the forehead. When the hair is graduated from the front hairline,  the finished look shows up with a tapered short or semi-short crew cut and if it is cut bit more, it turns into a brush cut and when the hair is cut less than one quarter of an inch on top it becomes a burr cut.  All three haircuts are groomed with a special control wax known as a butch wax.

Modern butch haircuts for men are just as sleek as one can expect, some black men are adding tapered designs on the back hair, just above the nape of the head, to look more gorgeous and different from others.

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