Buzzed Undercut Nape Hairstyles for Women

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If you are bored of wearing the same, hold short haircuts such as layered haircut, stacked bob and posh bob cut, there is much more for you to do with your hair without having to cross the limits of ‘Ethical Fashion.’ What am I talking about here or what is this about? Well majority of women are in love with short haircuts but they think that they have only few options when it comes to shot cuts- of course they don’t want to go out with pixies all the times, it is boring.

Buzzed nape with blonde choppy hair7posh bob shaved nape

If you happen to have blonde hair you will definitely love having some hair at the nape being cut in a cute buzz style like she is wearing. It looks wonderful.

Bob haircut with buzzed nape

3duck-ass undercut bob 2015

Any hair length too short would not make a sense unless you have a very ,oval face shape. Wear a small bob with the buzz cutting to rock a unique style.

Chopped graduated bob

9undercut dyed hairstyle women

If you are brave enough to sport a super short chopped bob cut you must try this buzz style with it. Two different colors will make your hair stand out for certain.

Long sides and short buzz on one side

11undercut hair with side bangs women

I won’t say it is very gothic in appearance, it is kind of modern with very different style that not every woman can wear easily except for those who are brave enough to try a diverse cut.


Noticeable buzzed nape

buzzed bob cut 2015 pic

This style is unique and different with buzzed nape and long locs falling on the both side of the head. Dying the hair can definitely turn your style into something different.

Short sides with Pink bob

8undercut bob hair

Dying your hair in two colors would definitely make your short hair more noticeable.

Modern undercutting hairstyle

If your social whirl is nice and rational, don’t mock on you or any other girl for having a boy-inspired-cut, you might want to look into more options of short hair, the one of the top is called Buzzed undercut nape hairstyles for women, in which the front hair is cut just like a regular posh bob on which you can have dimensional bangs whilst the nape of the head is either shaved, cut or trimmed completely, the hair sometimes is completely erased using the razor close to the scalp, the part is later colored in brighter or lighter shade according to the demands of the customers. The napped haircuts are popular with women who are very confident about themselves and are brave enough to go through the sarcasms that people with congested minds have to pass.

4nape undercut ponytail women


Page boy with undercutting

10undercut hair with crown pixie

If celebrities can wear it and rock it well there is a likelihood that you can wear it too with ease and comfort.

Long from the front and short from the nape

6nape undercut women 2015

Bold and Brave cut with long hair on center

13undercut women frohawk

Chopped bob AKA circular bowl cut

2buzzed nape choppy bob 2014

Long shags with short hair on nape and on sides

4modern undercut hairstyle women 2014

Long and pointed on the front


12undercut nape mohawk women 2015

More on buzzed undercut nape hairstyles for women  is that the pattern of shaved hair can be designed further into shapes or more designs provided that you really want to go for it. The bob with the shaved nape looks neat in all situations, however if you are blonde you can dye the shaved hair lighter than the tone of your skin to make the area more visible.

Some other types of buzzed undercut nape hairstyles for women include side shaving of the hair where the Mohawk or fro-hawk is created on the front hair, another side is slight side-hair-shaving in which just the slightest amount of hair behind the ear is trimmed.

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