Casual Hair Braid as a part of street style

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Who doesn’t love wearing shorts in the summer? These days more girls are engrossed in donning a modern makeover because it has become a necessarily of time now. If you are not meant to wear those huge slacker pants with a tank top, you could be a type of girl who wears shorts with a casual printed shirt having a personalized touch or simply a craft work that makes a match with your personality.

Decorate as many flowers as you can to make your style special. If you have a landscape in your home, you can pick some nice lilies from the tree and weave those using the pins.

closeup of casual hair braid

No need to stress enough as what kind of clothing would go with the style.  When you intend to use flowers or petals within stitches you have an opportunity to match a skirt with the colors your embellished hair has got in forms of petals. Green, blue, yellow and more will allow you to pick the right suiting. Just wear whatever makes you comfortable and easy.

fashionable casual braid

One of many questions is what hairstyle should be worn with the short clothes. The wavy hair are not to be worn everyday because it can cause your hair to fall quickly, it’s also an absurd idea to put your hair in the iron machine on daily basis. The constant heat would eat away all the natural protein and nutrients your hair has in order to shine throughout the weak. The major hair treatments won’t work for you if you are curling hair daily just to look wonderful for your friends and loved ones instead you need to opt for a casual hair braid as a part of street style. The braid can do wonder if you decorate with a fresh garland or a flower crown whatever is better on the hair color.

This is the side view of the braid which has been seen everywhere but not in this classy form ever. Some messiness would add perfect in appearance.

the sideview of casual hair braid

Take your time as you stitch the flowers in the stitches, no need to overcrowd the style, let your weaving pattern be shown and prominent as well.

casual hair braid for women

The reason why I think casual hair braid can be a part of street style is because it can easily go with the nature, I know that it’s not the special day for you to wear it but if you want to feel special on the weekend you can get it done. The casual braid will not let you down, in fact it will make your friend to tuck their eyes on you with pride.


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