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Beautiful Lip Art with Nose Pins

lip art makeup with gitters

I would like to appreciate all women who are taking makeup to the next level by using ordinary products. The glitters and sparkles are two common accessories these days which are available almost on the stores; the real artistry is combing your creativity with the products to create a new makeover. 

Different Eyeliner Styles

learning eyeliner style

Learn to apply different eyeliner styles and bring more beauty to regular makeup.If you are too much into makeup and art stuff you will learn a basic rule which is called mock-up before actual demonstration.  Doing realistic experiments would help you learn more about makeup, you will also notice that you have been learning some …

Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

royal blue and sky blue makeup

Handling blue eye shadow is a kind of tough job, you can blend this color well unless you have necessary experience in blending the shade. However, with practice you can definitely learn how to blend the shade without going out of boundary. What’s the boundary? The crease line is called the boundary line, within which …

Smokey Plum Eye Makeup idea

how to do plum red smokey makeup step by step tutorial

A special evening event is coming up and you are planning to do your own makeup.  You have tons of money but you want to be adept in doing evening makeover as this is something you really enjoy doing on your own. How to do it? There are plenty of ideas for you to choose …

How To Do Pink Smokey Eye Makeup! Useful guide

pink and smokey black eye makeup tutorial

Using black in the makeup is an art and you have to admit it.  If you think that makeup is as easy as putting on some eyes shadow on the eye with a brush, you are wrong. The technique to perfect eye makeup is applying the right amount of eye shadow and blending it well …

Two Toned Lip Art Tutorial

two toned purple ombre lips

Whenever I apply makeup I don’t forget that it’s an art for I must be creative to get the good results. If you know how to play with the colors you can do magic, if you don’t know how to apply the right amount of colors on your lips, you’d better learn it in order …