When we think of tattoo we usually think of flowers, ships, sea, butterflies, natural and abstract scenery, it’s because all these objections are common and every other person loves them. Everything beautiful can be turned into a tattoo design, but just think what would happen if we forget about all the natural objects and make […]


We already have entered in 2018 and new festivals are on their ways such as club parties, regular hang-outs, birthday and wedding celebrations, and we shouldn’t forget about the night parties that we throw once a week just o have fun with relatives, colleges and friends. A girl’s eternal dream is to look beautiful, sassy, […]

Make up

Zuhair Murad – Lebanese fashion designer, opened his first shop in 1995 in Beirut. C childhood dream to engage in high-fashion and purposefully moving towards its goal. After studying in Paris, in 1995 he opened his first studio in Livane.Cherez awhile craze Zuhair put him on the international fashion arena. Zuhair Murad dress are superior […]

Fashion Wears

The world of fashion is deep like a treasure mine. There are billions of fashion models working for the industry, promoting new outfits, participating in runways shows, and helping a brand make an identity by displaying their products and services. Kwak Ji Young may be a new name for you as it’s just one of […]

Fashion Wears