It seems that all Hollywood Celebrities are really concerned about their hair because these ladies are seen in different hair colors, different haircuts and above all in different looks on red carpet. What’s more inspiring about their hair is the perfection it exudes even if it is having three, four or more than four shades […]

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Without doubt, pink is one of the most appeasing girlish colors being used in a variety of ladies’ accessories these days from dresses to shoes to hair clips to undergarments. The color has so many shades such as queen pink, lilac pink, violet pink, deep pink, fuchsia, Magenta, baby pink and pig pink (The list […]

Women Hairstyles

If we talk about the trends and fashions of the year, it is obvious that girls are displaying more of hair colors this year than they have shown in the previous year. There are tremendous hair colors and hairstyles trends 2014 for moderns girls but today we will talk about some basic shades of red […]

Women Hairstyles

Keeping with the latest hairstyling is important if you want to look stylish and chic. It’s a fact that women spend thousands of dollars on buying expensive outfits but they’d feel a bit hesitant when it comes to getting the hair trimmed or cut. Though not all women are this much reckless about their hairstyling […]

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If you are bore of old French and Pigtails because they are very common and typical, you can make some new braid hairstyles for little girls as they are worth-trying. Your little fellow will love a change in her hairstyle- she, too, might be bore of wearing same hair styles all the time.

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If you are bored of wearing the same, hold short haircuts such as layered haircut, stacked bob and posh bob cut, there is much more for you to do with your hair without having to cross the limits of ‘Ethical Fashion.’ What am I talking about here or what is this about? Well majority of […]

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