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Tattoo quotes designs ideas

Foot tattoo quote design ideas tattoo quotes designs ideas

Personalized rings, outfits, mobile covers, and accessories always help one to stand out in the crowd so does personalized text tattoo designs on arms. For you and anyone believing in power of tattoos, picturesque scenery, animals, and other graphics may have more value when it comes to expressing anything related to personal personality, but there …

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Poster Ideas (imaginary)

Beautiful marilyn monroe tattoo posters designs

I have designed some of personal Marilyn Monroe tattoo poster ideas which I think are really worth sharing.Though she is not here with us anymore to set new trends but if she were alive she would have sported some of the coolest tattoos on her body.

Awesome American Flag Tattoos

American flag tattoos with cross

Getting an American flag tattoo designed on anywhere of your body shows how much patriotic you are and how much you love your country with all its glory. A lot of people are getting the flag tattoo for the only reason for being patriotic, they just love what their country has to offer to them …

Unique colored tattoos in eyes! Freaky or Wonderful?

ocean blue tattoo in eye

Some people don’t mind going to an extra length when it comes to body paint or fashion in general. These days there is a new trend that is allowing fashion lovers to have their eyes painted or tattooed for a certain period of time.  There comes a trend for unique colored tattoos in eyes that …

Hair Tattoo Ideas for women

hair tattoo pattern for women

Looking for a way to upgrade your hairstyle because the old one is too boring to look sassy? How about getting some buzz cut done or getting side-shaving from a professional saloon in order to make others to stop considering you as a little college girl anymore? Luckily, these hair tattoo ideas for women have …

Beautiful Eyes Tattoos 2015 for Tattoo Lovers

dreamy eye tattoo on back 2015

Isn’t it surprising as how different types of eyes exist on this earth- humans have different eye designs, dragons have different, stags have different and that lions have different. God has created us with a specific design that differs from specie to specie, so there is no doubt that God must have been very creative …