Learn How to Make Chigons in a Twisted Ponytail?

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A lot of women think that working with straight and silky hair is a daunting task because hair gets out of the hair band no matter how tightly you tie your hair.  This problem can be solved by applying few drops of oil in the hair prior to tying it in a rubber band. But chances are your hair will get greasy after few hours, giving you an unfresh feel and look.

The best way to handle silky hair is using hair gel in the hair. It’s better not to use conditioner daily after washing hair with the shampoo. The conditioner can make your hair more silky and fragile, you can instead just use plain water to rinse your hair after using shampoo.

Now question is which hairstyle looks good only straight, silky hairstyle and how to do it? Or is there any professional way of tying the hair in a ponytail while keeping your style being in trend? A lot of models are displaying wrap up hairstyles on runways lately, but getting a style like these beauties is very difficult because their hair is treated with heavy chemicals before styling. However, you can still give yourself a trendy makeover by styling your hair in a modern way and that’s tying it in a twisted ponytail.

What is a twisted ponytail and how can it be done?  As Christmas and New Year Parties are not far away, I am sure these events will call for unique hairstyles and I believe twisted ponytail can raise your confidence in the night parties.  A twisted ponytail hairstyle is one in which two hair strands are twisted onto each other. The right strand locks onto the left one firmly.  You can incorporate a small updo at front head with the ponytail to be a center of attraction.

If you have made a big collection of floaty tops and ruffled short dress this year, I can tell you for sure that twisted ponytail hairstyle will match with your outfit.  Follow these steps to make a twisted ponytail style:


  •  Apply a small blob of mousse on your hair.
  • brush your hair straightly from top to bottom to make sure there are no tangles left.
  • Part your hair in two sections. Pick a hair section from the front area and pin it up in a loose updo.

chignon in ponytail

  • After making an updo, brush your hair again.
  • Part your hair in two portions now at the back.
  • Cross the right hair section over the left section. Pin it up with bob pins. And you are done.


  • Once you are done with twisting and crossing the hair sections, you will notice that you have made two chignons in the ponytails.


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