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This modern realm will make others to find you less interesting and less attractive if you keep yourself bereave of a modern boy haircut. It’s just the matter of time that we all have to learn to walk with the latest hairstyle trends or people may consider us someone far behind the time. You are an intellectual person, studying more rules and regulations, blessed with etiquettes and impressive communication antics to make anyone look upon you, but you are not adept in giving a makeover to yourself for fear that it would exploit your look in front of your friends. There is nothing wrong at all in trying to be a fully transform version of what you really are in front of others. If you wear classes or have somewhat a distinguished appearance to be noticed, you also need to have an attitude to secretly tell others you are important.

A haircut, as we know it, can play an important role in giving a quick transform to any face; whether you have a long, round, square or diamond face, you can frame it well if you choose to wear a style that presents not only your personality but also the attitude. There is no need to express yourself verbally when the style can do it. All the male celebrities are benefiting from the same element of the appearance. There are many mind-blowing cuts for fashion connoisseurs but I am sharing five of the classiest haircuts for school boys 2015.

I can assure that people will stop by to ask you whether the haircut can be done at a local saloon of the city once you try or pull of any one of these five cuts. You will begin to feel a big difference in people’s attitude towards you after getting a haircut done from my list and this is a promise.

Check these five best of the classiest haircuts for school going guys.

Inspired by Elvis 

His character was charming not because he amazed us with his dancing tactics but also with his look. The haircut shown below is good for all school going guys because it’s blow dried up, in a classy half-done pompadour style. The side hair is brushed back and styled with the minimum styling cream to avoid greasy appearance.

teenage boys pompadours 2015


Thick high fade haircut

When you are young your hair is very healthy, thick and strong just like this guy who needed very intensive chopping of the hair at the sides. His fade haircut is looking nice because there is shaving done below it so that it can be a focal point.  When you have a style like this you can transform it through different and productive brushing techniques.

teenage boys behive sideshaved hairstyles 2015


Short Caesar with side shaving

If you intend to go for a military school or college you will be asked to wear the shortest buzz cut which is a kind of an obligation for everyone there.  A lot of school guys don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having all the hair shaved in a buzz or military cut because this compromises their appearance, so if there is a bit flexibility in the hair styling rules you can choose to go for this nicely done symmetrical Caesar it will allow you to support some hair at the center area.

teenage boys military cuts 2015


Sassy Pointed Spiky Layers 

You can notice that he is looking sassy, nice and very stern but very confidence in his style which is pointed to one side. You can keep all the hair up for the grace of spikes but it won’t make you trendy for others,  there should be a direction or point for you to follow while you brush your hair.

teenage boys quiff 2015


Mohawk in the center only

This is another one of the classiest haircuts for school guys. A small pointed criss cross Mohawk is formed at the middle of the head which is very suitable for small, oval faces.

blonde teenage boy haircuts 2015



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