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Cerulean shades are very dark in appearance; they require a lot of hair maintenance and care as they may fade away with the time. It’s relatively easier to think about dying your hair in blue than maintaining the hair color afterwards,  the careless behavior can result in permanent damage to the hair; therefore, it is necessary to choose the color very carefully only reassuring to yourself that you can take care of it.

The royal blue or indigo is a good hair color to try but the classy blue hair requires you to be enthusiastic with daily hair care routine. It’s not just about washing the hair and conditioning it for proper styling, it is also about maintaining the hue for long without getting any damage to the natural hair texture.

blue color idea women 2015

blue hair color idea girls 2015

blue hairstyles women 2015

There would be tons of classy blue hair hue that you can try, the one I am share with you below is unique because it seems to have a hint of turquoise in it. The hippie girl is very confident in wearing it as you can assess it easily by reviewing the poses she has been giving with this nice layered haircut that has a strong blue dye to add grace to her overall appearance.

blue layered cut for men 2015

blue layers for girls 2015

indigo blue hair color 2015

This one is particular classy blue hair hue that you can use to make transformation with confidence if you are living on the north place_ have fair skin tone, colored eyes and blonde or black hair. Your skin tone has to be fair for harmonizing the sharp effect of the shade or else you would end up looking clumsier than any better.

What personality traits you must have in order to pull off the color successfully?

Complexion: The color is not for all skin complexions because it is moderately bright in effect. If you have a white or fair complexion you can pull it off with ease as it will not effect your face but if your complexion is dull, dark or pale you may end up looking awful. Let’s admit that not all hair hues are for all skin complexions, the fair complexions are good with bright colors whereas warm hues are better on dark complexion.

Eyes color: Consider your eye colors a big deciding factor, if your eyes have tint of green it can someone make a nice balance with blue but there is no guarantee that it will suit you completely so get your face reviewed first and pick the color in the best way possible.



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