Classy Eyeliner Styles for Unique Makeup

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Applying different eyeliner styles not only keeps things fresh. It’ll give your eyes a different shape to work with. All the while avoiding extreme measures like the knife.

Go Classical

This involves simply lining your upper lash with a single stroke. Step up this look by applying colored eyeliner instead of black.

modern bow eyeliner

Twisted Flick

This eyelash style involves simply lining your lower lash only with colored eyeliner. It’s an easy way to stand out for beginners.

basic eyeliner style with curved flick

Brighter Eyes

Widen your eyes by applying a white or light brown pencil to your bottom waterline.

simple smokey eyeliner style

All Around

For large eyes; this eyeliner style involves lining both your upper and lower lids. Make sure to soften the outlines by smudging them. Use a thicker outline for the upper lid and a thinner one for the lower lid.

thick arabic eyeliner styles

Nice and Thick, different styles

The key is intensely smudging your eyeliner on both your upper and lower lids. Don’t forget to line the inner part of your lower eyelid.

basic eyeliner styles to learn today

Smokey Eyes

Line your upper eye lid thick toward the outer and inner corners. Use a thinner line in between. Couple this with smudged eye shadow to complete the look.

egyptian eyeliner double flick style

Winged Tips

This eyeliner style works for both casual and night time looks. Simply, outline the corners of your eyes, and the most outward parts of your upper and lower eyelashes into a natural v-shape. Smudge to soften the look.

basic eyeliner styles for girls


Double Winged Tip

After drawing your winged tip on your upper lashline, draw another winged tip on the outer corner of your lower lashline.

double flick bold eyeliner style

60’s Inspired Wings

To get this look, apply a thick line to your upper lashline. Angle it at the outer corner of your eye at 45 degrees, creating a dramatic winged tip until you hit your crease. Work the liquid liner into your crease from the winged tip.


With this style, your eyeliner extends to the outer corner of your eye and curls upward. You can use eyeliner instead of khol.

Elongated Eye

Perfect for elongating smaller eyes or sharpening round eyes. Draw a line from the middle of your upper lashline to the outer edges without winging it. Apply the liner to the outer third corner of your lower lashline, connecting the tip to the line you made above.

thick flick eyeliner style


Runway styles:

runway eyeliner styles

Cat Eye

To achieve, apply a thick line to your upper lashline, extending past your outer corner. Then using short strokes, draw a line from the inner corner of your lower lashline all the way across until you connect to the line on top.



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