Unique colored tattoos in eyes! Freaky or Wonderful?

ocean blue tattoo in eye

Some people don’t mind going to an extra length when it comes to body paint or fashion in general. These days there is a new trend that is allowing fashion lovers to have their eyes painted or tattooed for a certain period of time.  There comes a trend for unique colored tattoos in eyes that sometimes look wonderful but most times look odd if the colors are not good enough to be painted into the eye.

black inked tattoo in eye

This is called black eye because the entire pupil is dark in color, the same inking is used to dye the entire eye.  Fortunately the color does not last for a long time, it is temporary so you can easily get rid of after few weeks or so. If you are a tattoo savvy person you can make the most of permanent eye tattoos on special events such as Halloween, give some real freaks to your friends and family members.

coal black tattoo in eyes

It looks like as blood is leaked inside the pupil which is creating a very freaky impression.

red ink tattoo in eyes

Eye tattoos are nothing new but the pressing question is how one would be handling the infection if it occurs right after the tattoo ink is injected into the cornea and would doing that be good for the overall health of the eye. If you want to get your eye tattooed any time, you need to understand that it’s bit risky to do so, you will be the one facing the outcomes, it’s kind of do your at your own risk clause, there are chances of infections that may get severe.

Blue eye is somewhat less horrible than its darkest versions.

ocean blue tattoo in eye

If you are getting eye tattoo done by an expert artist who knows how to work with the eye and how to do is properly without making an error, the infections are less likely to occur in the first place. How does the eye tattoo thing works?  To tattoo one or the both eyes, a dying agent is picked, which is injected on the upper most layer of the eye called cornea. What’s cornea? It’s kind of a delicate part of an eye having a thickness of 0.5-0.6mm, it consists of stroma that is called middle layer of the eye containing fibers for collagen.

tattoos in the eyes

weird tattoo designs in eyes

neon yellow tattoos in eyes

tattoos in eyes

Anyways there are different procedures when it comes to tattooing an eye with a dying agent, the artists know how not to make the procedure a medical emergency, unless you are that avid to get your eye tattoo done, stay away from the idea.

two toned tattoos in eyes

black inking in eye



We cannot stop all the frenzy people out there from getting unique colored tattoos in eyes, here are some proofs that are not even shocking but very unique, too.


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