Colorful Stacked Bracelets Add Energy In Style

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Do you really want to make the best of your jewelry box stuffed with bangles and metal loops of all sizes? There are many ways to pull of some modern style looks by putting up right pieces of bangles together in a stack. Wearing a stack of bangles, leather armlets, and metal loops has become a trend these days; you will notice that all modern fellows are doing it- for the sake for their classy outlook. You have got to do it again by picking the best pieces from the treasure trove of bangles you have collected over the years. It’s time to take out your bangles for making some colorful bracelet stacks to wear with the formal outfits.

How to make a stack? It’s a question for you have already answers. You need to put all pieces of puzzle together to solve the mystery. The right colored bangle should go with the right colored leather strap and so on. So your best bet would be working with either one or multiple colors at the same time. You can’t make a perfect stack by using a single shade. However, if you are trying to make a stack for your casual outfit such as evening skirt, jeans or maxi dress, you need to include some metal bangles or charms in your art for the beauty of stacking bracelets.

Believe in yourself stacked bracelets:

When you feel that your beliefs or faiths are shaking due to some horrible happenings which occurred at some points of your life you can restore your confidence in your own self by wearing a charm like this. This stack bracelet also has a cross which will help you to be religious person, besides there is a twisted band and flower.

Believe in Cross bracelet stacks

Dream Charm Stacked Bracelets:

This one is very creative with two connected hearts that may refer to you and your loved one: the dream that you wish to achieve or would like to be true and the word love that defines your relation.

neon green bracelet stack

Love for music with connected hearts:

Two hearts connected nicely, a twisted bow, one braided band and one music charm are good enough to help you feel energetic. The beats will not add rhythm in life but it will definitely inspire you to learn it better.

Purple bracelet stacks with skull

Dream with a plane in a bracelet stack: 

It is another cool stacked bracelet that has a plane, some other charms along with the engraved word dream on it.  You have hopes and dreams of achieving the impossible, this one bracelet set is for you, believe me.

dream bracelet stacks

Skull on bracelet stacks:

Wearing this bracelet with a skull charm won’t make you a negative person in your expression but it will show that there lies a dark liar within this very world which is beautiful from the inside out but has more secrets one can ever know.

music and anchor bracelet stacks

Intelligent owls with the tree stacked bracelets:

Something from the nature always has positive impact and energy on minds. This one has a pair of owl with trees in the circle along with other silver plated charms that will make your wrist classy and impressive.

owl with tree bracelet stacks

Single colored bangles can’t make a good pair with loose straps or friendship bands, beaded bands also look nasty sometimes, you should rather use silver or gold plated charm in a stack for a realistic fashion appeal. Picking on the bangles’ hues and colors is all up to your choice and preference, here are six pieces of artwork for examples. Mind that these colorful stacked bracelets don’t give a cheap impression which you normally find on arms where beaded bangles are used in plenty just for their colors.




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