Combed Hairstyles Men ! Some Inspirations

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You might be thinking or wondering as what combed hairstyles men actually meant in the title? The brush back hair is a style that is both messy and sleek- yet bit roughly undone for a subtle look.¬† If you are tired of brushing all your hair after parting it from the middle/center or the side, you can simply create a more flexible look by not over-doing your hair. Overdoing hair is simply brushing hair too much to maintain its position- we have seen several models wearing such looks- after all they are models and have got wonderful facial structures. If anyone wearing such sleek brushed back hair that’s treated with gel prior to setting on their oblong or long face, the final look would be somewhat weird or bit clumsy, wouldn’t it be? The natural look or hairstyle should have a little amount of bounce of it at least so that you look real than artificial.

Take the control:

It’s your hair so you are certainly well aware of the techniques on how to handle the locks in different ways to make them look more maintained. Once a brush is in your hand, you are in control. You can comb your hair in any style from side to side in a motion to get some waves. You can simply apply the wax on hair and brush it in the back and then get some bump by passing the fingers slightly through the pressed hair. There are so many ways you can get different textures in the style. Some people comb the middle portion of the hair on the side where the hair on the both sides are usually shaved, buzzed or cropped cut.

Pointing and Direction:

All hairstylists believe that there must be some points in the combed hair. If you have brushed on the side, the style should sleeker on that side and there must be some points easy to check the dimension. If you have features on the style you would find it more easy to have some points in the hair. To do your experiment, just brush the hair in the back side, you will notice that the layers are showing in forms of waves which have some kind of order to make the note of.

Here are some pictures of messy combed hairstyles¬†men. You’d notice that hair is treated with hair wax and then brushed back, so don’t confused the style with spikes because it’s a kind of new messy-model-inspired-look, chances are you may possibly enjoy wearing one messy hair-look this year if you have medium or long hair.

vintage style side combed hairstyles men

vintage style side combed hairstyles men

side parted combed hairstyles men

vintage style side combed hairstyles men

red beard and combed hairstyles men

red beard and combed hairstyles men

oval face with side combed hairstyles men

oval face with side combed hairstyles men

fashionable combed hairstyles ideas for men

combed hairstyles men with front fringe

combed hairstyles men in pompadour style

combed hairstyles men for oblong faces


beautiful all up combed hairstyles men

back combed hairstyles men for oval faces

all in spikes upward combed hairstyles men







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