Contextual Tattoo Designs that Can Amaze Anyone

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I know that the internet is not short of contextual tattoo designs these days but when you suddenly see some special designs you begin to realize that this world is so full of talented tattoo artists. The talent of tattoo artists always come up in their designs as well as the patterns they draw, you will begin to give more value to their work if you have a big interest in the art, so before you get yourself a design done on any part of the body, just make sure you really understand what’d it mean to you later. Once the tattoo design is carved on the body, there is not going back and there is no undoing- it’s a permanent thing.

Though I have seen a lot of good contextual tattoo designs over the years but the ones I am sharing with you now are special for the wording they contain. There is a saying that word does hold a good weight- it can make you laugh, cry, and give many feelings so let’s not undermine the value its value.

What the purpose of getting contextual tattoo designs? Well you might not have heard that sometimes it is better to just write it than speak it loudly, this is what a text tattoo design does, they convey the required message on behalf of the sender to the receiver- they are a kind of quiet yet well-thought of  part of communication.

Now review my collection of contextual tattoo designs and do let me know if you have also feel inspired a bit or little, because these words have weight, at least I think there is a silent pitch if you are able to understand it.

Words, words, They’re all we have to go on.

It makes sense, because we communicate by using words and sentences. Your messages are understood only when they have some words to produce meanings.

words tattoo men

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

It speaks for itself. Do you have dreams that should be come true? How about inscribing some quotes on body in order to remind yourself that they can be true.

dreams n forget tattoo men

I thought True love would sear me

Love can make you happy or sad, content or discontent, we all expect something when we fall in love with some one special.
love would search tattoo

Curiouser and Curiouser, we’re all mad here
curiouser here tattoo arm

They are the roses in December, you remember said that God gave us memory of that we might be roses in December.
text tattoo front

Proverbs 31:24 Strength, Dignity Fear
dignity tattoo ribs

True revolution comes from true revelations when things get back enough the kitten will kill the lion.
text wall tattoo back

You do not have a soul you are a soul you have a body

contextual tattoo body

L’Éternité C’est la mer Mêlée Au Soleil, this is a French statement translates as Melee is the eternity at sun sea
russian language tattoo

Her time has come
time has come tattoo men

Fortune Favors the bold
contextual tattoo neck

I am out with Lanterns, looking for myself.

lantern text tattoo arm


Do I dare disturb the universe?

dare tattoo arm

All was well

well tattoo wrist


I know only of human beings

human tattoo design


Chrestomanci smiles and swept out of the room like a very long procession of one person
context on wrist tattoo


You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here.

universe child tattoo


Finally Somehow you caught fire.
fire tattoo body 2014


she had not known the weight until she felt the freedom!
text tattoo back





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