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Eyeliner is used to define the eyes for aesthetic appeal.  The accessory has become very popular everywhere, especially in female-dominated markets and countries where makeup is considered as a primary party of personal grooming. Overtime, the ingredients used in eyeliner have changed a lot since Ancient origins, however, the purpose is somewhat same and constant and that’s to bring more appeal and charismas to eyes.  The cosmetic has been used over the century but in different ways in different cultures.

 Eyeliner style in ancient world

In ancient origins, women used to apply dark Kohl on both upper and lower eyelids to achieve an almond-shaped effect in the eyes. For those women, using Kohl was a way to add more excitement in the makeover it’s because they were forced on enhancing their eyes’ beauty than their dressings.  In old times, Kohl was also used for different purposes for medical reasons such as for restoring waning eyesight and alleviating critical eye infections and inflammation.

 Use of eyeliner today and in Egyptian era

Used to define the eyes for aesthetic appeal, eyeliner has made its way from a primarily female-dominated market to a growing popularity among men. Over time, the ingredients have changed but the basic styles and purposes remain constant. Explore the fascinating history of this popular cosmetic.

If you haven’t got a chance to review old paintings of Egyptian era, then it’s time for you to have a look at them in order to learn how women used to adore their beauty. Egyptian women used eyeliner to widen their eyes by applying thick lines on entire eyelids.

Variations in eyeliner styles and patterns as of today

Today, there are many eyeliner styles in use in both fashion industries as well as in street fashion and some of these styles are truly inspired by old times such as Sofia eye liner style, Marylyn Eyeliner (inspired from celebrity), and  Arabic eyeliner style (inspired from Arabic culture). I am going to share some cool eyeliner style ideas with you that everyone must try during makeup- whether you need to do your own makeover for the party or are heading to beach with your friends, you have got to learn how to do eyes makeup to look impeccably stylish.

 Regular  eyeliner, the flick is thick around the corners of eyes and winged in upward direction.


 Triple flick style, you can see there are three flicks in the style, two in upward directions and the third is droopy downward.

Marilyn Monroe


Thin flick in upward direction.  You can see the line is twisted a bit high from the eyes’ corners to create a sober impression.


 soft smudge or neutral, pastel or light eye shadows are used during makeup for creating an edgy look.


Full smudge. Eyeliner is applied on both upper and lower

Eyeliner style number 10: Simple along the upper eyelidEyeliner style number 9:

Egyptian style



arabic-eyeliner-styledropped flick

dropped-flick-eyelinerThin eyeliner style for regular days


I hope all of these cool eyeliner style ideas, I will share more in the coming days for sure.

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