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You can totally steal these great manicure ideas! They are the  latest trends for cool nail art design ideas, especially in the fall, which is already knocking on the door. Dare to try them all!

3D nails: You don’t have to go to the cinema to watch 3D. Just make your own nails like that. Attach anything (and by “anything” we really mean it – carpet, metal, lace) to your nails, creating a unique volume others will notice for sure.

ombre manicure

Black rules!: Sure, whether it is for a dress, shoe or accessory, black is always the best, the classic. You can keep your manicures in the classical black if you want, it is still fashionable, but we have a better proposition.

matte black nail design for women

Colorful dots are looking lovely.


cute black nails with dotted colore design

Beautiful silver has been added to amplify the beauty of the design.abstract french manicure idea black
Sometimes just black  could be exciting cool nail art design ideas , so feel free to make experimentation with your nails look. Black can be just half moons of the French manicure or the rest of the nail bed, except for the half moons. You can add letters, forming a word, signs, whatever you can imagine!

abstract black nail design

Polka dot inspiration.

dotted black nail design for women

Crosses and nails with metallic painting

Shine in metallic: Metallic are also good cool nail art design ideas, they offer another incredible choice – something that will make you sparkle and shine. For a stronger effect, combine these cool metallic colors of nail polish with a silvery blouse or a flawless, sparkling makeup. They are pretty simple and with no ornaments, because the accent is put on the color.

DIY metallic nail design idea

Just color: Actually, only your nails need to be crimson. This color has replaced the cheerful, light red for fall. It can reach so dark nuisance, which can be mistaken for black.Let us compare quickly the cool trends in nail art design. You have probably heard of some, but you still have the time to try these styles and pamper yourself and feel like a gorgeous girl:

light shade nail art with sunflower

Very light shades: It is just a perfect color, because it goes with everything. Even though your clothes might look overdecorated, this neutral shade is going to suit you.

light colored manicure idea for women

Pastels: Blue, mint and peach also look like ideal colors for any occasion, bringing a smile to your face by their liveliness.


reverse french manicure pink

Lighter the better.pastel nail design idea

Metallic (copper, gold, silver): Colors from this category can be used in combination with another bright color for a better mood.

metallic manicure and pedicure idea

Can be created this art using the brush.
black and gold manicure idea

Purple metallic nails.purple metallic manicure

Any color of choice: They could be best nail art design ideas if done beautifully without flaws, using the right accents.

water marbling idea in black

Ombre and speckled nails: Here comes the “famous” group of colors. They are so trendy, that you are going to be the talk of the town.

ombre nails purple pink

Both trends have its irresistible charm. Sometimes you just wish you had each possible nail polish color, don’t you?


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