Coolest Christmas Nail Art Designs

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Christmas day isn’t too far away now and some of us have already start their preparation for it ahead of time because we know that it’s going to be a big get together and we can’t complete our arrangements in just three months. While most of ladies are searching for Christmas inspired costumes now-a-days there are a few ones more concerned about their Christmas nail artwork  because they really want to boast their talent by showing what they have got done on their fingernails. Some girls will simply won’t even think about it because it’s the super last thing to do just before Christmas others will love to consider it before Little Christmas day. It’s good if you are considering doing preparations in advance for little Christmas but don’t let the actual day passed out without delight and celebrations.

There are tons of other bloggers who are going to sharing their unique Christmas nail artwork 2013 and ideas with their readers but their work is going to be unique only because they can’t simply change what we call symbols of the day. It will be fun to try out new designs but if you don’t have much time to get yourself a fantastic Christmas manicure for some personal reasons you can pick a simple artwork online, practice it at home, and dress up your fingernails at home.

Let me tell you it doesn’t matter how simple and easy a Christmas nail design is, it is likely to lose its charm and inspiration if you don’t pay close attention to the pattern and especially on the colors used, for instance to draw Rudolph on the nails you can’t choose any other color than brown alone. The natural color of the animal is brown, you can’t change it during drawing, however, you can change your base coat colors if necessary to bring up the uniqueness of the design.

Let’s talk about some of the most delightful and evergreen Christmas nail art designs which may appear in a new form but will never go out of the trends being strong symbols of the day.

Snow Flakes, snow pattern and cold environment:

It goes without saying that Christmas day is colder than rest of the winter days because the day is observed on 25th of every December which is itself literally the most coldest day of the month.  Snow keeps falling day and night, covering the entire area and suburbs around the home; some people simply head to Church to offer their prayers and be thankful to God, they also seek his pardon and ask his forgiveness for their sins and bad deeds. Snow could prove to be a lethal environmental weapon against your best day as people usually get snow bounded at home due to storms outside, the planning can change the entire scene for you. Don’t let harsh snow of the December to be a barrier between happiness and celebrations, just enjoy the time even if you are shivering badly.

As snow is one of the top symbols of Christmas day so it has to be included in Christmas nail art designs somehow.  How experts are using this environment factor in their artwork? Discover it in the images given below:

Snow is falling

cute winter theme nail art designs

Snow flakes covering fingernails

christmas snow flakes nail designs

Beautiful snowflakes’ effect to present Christmas day

christmas snow flakes white and black nail

Snowman or Christmas igloo: Call it snowman or igloo, kids love to make such snowy figures outside their home for fun and enjoyment. A snowman can never stand alone when it hails in the area and the snow scatters around  during harsh storm, the wind makes it  to stumble here and there. The very same effect can be created on fingernails.

christmas penguin nail artworks

Santa Claus on your nails: It doesn’t take too much time to paint Santa Claus or father Christmas on your nails after all he is one of the most attractive and beautiful origins of western culture. Some believe he doesn’t exist others claim to have received gifts before Christmas night from him. We can’t say stories about Santa are fake or false- the history shows that he actually appeared just before the Christmas night to give present to kids so he really exists.

mix designs nails for christmas

Check these pictures of Santa Claus nail art designs for Christmas

Christmas Tree nail art designs: We all buy a beautiful Christmas tree to decorate with kids, friends, and loved ones so it’s obviously a popular symbol of the day. There is nothing better for your fingernails than a green tree decorated with lights or gift boxes, but getting such as complicated artwork done is very tricky, check these images to get idea for the project.

coolest santa nails

Rudolph nail art designs: Rudolph is a read nosed reindeer, it has become a Christmas folklore in many countries including America and United Kingdom, so we can definitely use it on the projects of Christmas nail art designs.

nice rudolph nail art designs

Jingles bells nail art designs: Jingle bells is a special Christmas song, it makes a  lot of sense to include bells in the work because your design has to be fully inspired by the day.

coolest elf nails

Penguins for Christmas nail art designs:  They are thought as Christmas special character.

christmas inspired nail art designs

chrstmas panguin nail arts

Just red Christmas nail designs: Santa’s hat is red; the color is also used in decorations and interior designs for the day, so using it in your artwork artistically can show your strong attachment with the cultural day. Red is a must have color in Christmas nail artwork 2013 so you must remember to include it too, in your dress and shoes as well as in nail designs.

candy cane christmas nails

Gifts and presents on finger nails: All family members exchange gifts, Christmas souvenirs and presents to show love and affection to each other. A special get together party is thrown by the families where day is celebrated in a special way by doing BBQ in the open air. A lot of people just get on a long distance trip to spend their holidays wisely for fun. As gifts are also an important part of the celebration we use them in the designs as well.

beautiful christmas gift nails

Coolest christmas candy cane nails

Santa’s beautiful hat on fingernails

red christmas santa nails

The celebration of Christmas day by using exotic and sharp colors in the designs

The sweater

christmas sweater nail art design

Santa Minions
coolest minions nail art

Mix theme nails for the daycoolest christmas tree nails

Christmas tree and decor

golden christmas tree nail artwork


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