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All girls love to get their body adorned by some beautiful assortments of flower tattoos. There are few ladies who just go for one flower tattoo design after studying its meanings, myths, and historical values.  Whenever you decide to get a flower tattoo done on any part of your body, it’s vital to study its history, origin, and meanings so that to protect yourself from lethal aftermath- so do you believe portraits of flowers don’t have any value or meaning? If you think they hold no value in the form of drawings you are wrong! Don’t forget that every flower has an essence- though the aroma or florescent may not be sensed through a drawing but it is definitely going to have some impacts or affects on your personality and your behaviour!

Cornflowers are blue flowers who are known with various names such as Bachelor’s button, bluebottle, Cyani flower, and basketflower- all these names are given to it for its intense, deep blue color which is due to a blue colored pigment known as protocyanin.  These flowers belong to family of Asteraceae, growing in majority in and around Europe.

Cornflowers are usually produced by flowerheads which are 1.5 to 3cm in diameter, the cluster of florets surround the central cluster of small flowers.  The family of cornflower is Centaurea cyanus where cyanus refers to blue color.

Uses of Cornflowers:

In India and other countries, deco3ction of cornflower is used as an eye wash medicine for pink and inflamed eyes. People also use these flowers to get ailments for conjunctivas.

Cornflowers are edible so they are also included in salads and appetizers in some countries of the world where people love eating herbs in food.

The cornflower petals also make a good steam facial cleanser when used in appropriate amount.

Meanings of Cornflower tattoos:

There are four logical meanings of cornflower tattoos; wealth, good fate, success & Prosperity, and friendship or intimate relation.

Wealth and good life: If you have dreamed of leading a successful and happy life and want it to never short on happiness, you can pick a nice cornflower tattoo to be done on your body. You may feel a clear difference in a week or two.

Good fate and fortune: I know drawings can’t change your fate, but you must not forget that every human is destined to be successful. To bring some positive vibes in your life, you should get a cornflower tattoo done.

Friendship and relation: If you are seeking for a long term, friendly relation with any of your friends or partners, blue cornflower tattoos may make it easy for you.

Myths of cornflowers:

The Latin name of cornflower is Centaura Cyanus which refer to two very famous geek myths. The first myths states that the name Centaura was given to the flower due to Chiron who was shot by a poisoned arrow- Hercules may have accidentally shot Chiron the Centaur, but the wound didn’t cause death at all, instead Chiron used cornflowers to get relief from the injury.

Metaphoric meanings of cornflower tattoos after taking into consideration the story told above are as follows:

  1. Your inner sadness can’t kill you and you shouldn’t lose hope.
  2. Not even the deepest wounds of soul can cause your death in the world; you can always make yourself feel alive by getting along the beautiful nature of the world.
  3. If you are hurt or withdrawn, it’s not over. You should start a new chapter of your life by thinking positive and embracing good stuff.

The second mind is very different. According to Geek Legend, the color of cornflower is due to Cyanus, the person who was in love with cornflowers and would often drape himself with the flowers. For the sake of his love for the cornflowers, he would wear blue attire daily. One day, Flora, a goddess of the garden found him lying dead in the cornfield, she didn’t know what to do with the corpse and she felt so sad about the death of Cyanus so she turned him into blue flower. People believe that the blue color of the flower is due to Cyanus who died in the cornflower.

The stack is standing in a natural form and the flowers are blossomed.


Cute cornflower on foot.


Lovely with a beetle.


The entire back is covered nicely which is nice.

cornflower tattoos on back

Cool feathers like textures have been created around the inking.
cute cornflower tattoo on shoulder

This is an abstract blue cornflower tattoo.Hot cornflower tattoos arms

The Russian myth about blue flower is somewhat matching with the story told above but it has few dissimilarities.  According to Russian lore, an energy and beautiful young man was seduced by a nymph of cornfield and then he was turned into a flower by her.





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