Creative nail art designs

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All the previous years have a variety of creative nail art designs to offer and we know you are eagerly expecting them. Bring a fresh flair to your dull-colored nails, making them trendy and cheerful. Here are some bold new designs we love and how to achieve them.

Picnic nails tutorial

This is a very creative nail art designs for 

Checkered cloth how-to:

  1. Apply some base coat and nude nail polish.
  2. Make vertical and horizontal lines of white nail polish on the already dried nude.
  3. Fill in with white polish every other square using an appropriate brush.
  4. Prepare a few drops of yellow nail polish that you can use for making small dots inside the white squares.
  5. Finish with top coat.

different beach scenes on nails

And that deep blue water.
beach side nails

All the aquatic organisms that you see out there.aquatic animals nail art deisgns

Daisies how-to:

  1. Repeat the 1st step of checkered cloth.
  2. Form the petals of each daisy with white polish and a thin brush.
  3. You need drops of yellow you can dip in again for making the dots in the middle of each group of white petals.
  4. Use a top coat.

daisy nails for girls cute daisies on purple base

Blue beauty.

most beautiful daisy nail art

Th design is done with a splash of glitter sand, you can use the glitter nail liquor for making small dots around the daisy flowers.

white dairy nail art designs

The beautiful designs with realistic daises on the top. Finish the design with the finest top coat.winter dairy nail art idea

Beach bonfire tutorial

Check out how to create these fresh summer , creative nail art designs:

Beach Pyramid how-to:

  1. First, you need a base coat.
  2. Dip a makeup sponge in three shades of blue and that way paint only the base of your nail.
  3. Use a polish remover and a brush to style the unique pyramid better.
  4. Paint with beige nail polish to create the beach effect all the rest of the nail.
  5. Apply top coat.

Accent nail how-to:

  1. Use your makeup sponge to create a pattern of the different blue shades as the darkest one is placed in the middle and apply it to your nail.
  2. Draw a black nail polish line through the center.
  3. Finish with top coat.

mermaid nail art design

Beach hologram design ideas for women.


beach holograms nails

The pink scene with birds flying all over and some nice palm beach standing on the sides, it’s a perfect design on beach theme.
classy beach nail art

Phuket beach design inspiration for everyone.phuket beach nails

Inspirational inspired nail art design

Prepare black, blue, orange, yellow and nude nail polish and prepare to create an original mixture of them for each nail. Improve your mood with this colorful suggestion.

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Always start with nude color for each nail.
  3. Improvise, picking 2-3 colors by yourself for every single nail and painting a line of each.
  4. Finish with top coat.

purple flower nail art for winter

Love for royal blue and white.


royal blue nail designs ideas

Come back fruity design based on a nice idea.summer fruit nail design ideaThese designs are done very meticulously, the ideas are unlimited, you just need to practice on a theme which is easy to attempt for example dotted theme nails are easy to do at home.






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