Cute Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair! Tame your locs in Beautiful way

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Gladly there are tens of cute braid hairstyles for long hair, long hair braids and braided hair styles for long length hair.I have selected some of the braids which are in trend this year and they will definitely be staying in fashion in 2017 and 2018 as well.

It is likely for a braid to go unnoticed if it is bereaved of good hair decorations. Without hair accessories or at least a good hint of hair shade, a braid becomes boring to the eyes. Braided hairstyles on black and brown hair would always look bit outdated if modern dip-dying technique is not used in the slightest amount to make the hairstyle outstanding.

This is unique and different in many ways,this is one of the hottest and cutest braid hairstyles for long hair.

Unique braid hair style idea for long hair

It is done to the side to make the girl to look funky.

Side fishtail braid style for long blonde hair

This cute braid hairstyle for long hair seems to be evolved from the fantasy of a girl- I know you see dreams too.Side braid on long gray hair
Two beautiful fellows with their beautiful hair.

Long hair braid style ideas for gray and blue hair
If you want to try something different this idea is for you.
Hair braid ideas for long hair with weaved train braid and bow in style
Colored braided hairstyles look better than braided hairstyles that are simple; it’s because colors do attract to the modern eyes being prominent and excellent. And if there is a gloss as well in the hair, your hair is going to get more attention as you will walk, flaunting your waist, wearing a tote bag on your shoulder.
It seems that fishtail is still in trend, it’s just that your hair color can make this century old braid unique in look.
Cute fishtail braid idea for long blonde hair
This is the cutest braid hairstyle idea for long hair,the colors are amazing.
Cute dutch braid hairstyles for long rainbow hair
Wearing slightly raised updo also make sense you wear a cool braid.

Cute braid styles for long hair with fishtail and messy updo
Teal and green hair contrast looks amazing.
Cute braid hairstyles for long hair with ombre of teal and green
This is one of its own kind.
Cute braid hairstyles for long hair with mixed braiding styles

There is no limit to the colored braided hairstyles  as more and more women are dying their hair and making braids out of it to tell others ‘we are beautiful.’ There is no doubt that ladies with colored braided hairstyles always look different but if their skin complexion is oat or wheat, they just win the match.

Funky braid for long hair
Don’t underestimate the beauty of purple hues.
Fishtail braid ideas for long hair with purple hair
Different take on dutch style
Cute ombre dutch braid hair style idea for long thick hair
French braid with different weaving
Cute french braid hairstyles for long hair
You don’t need a real flower now I guess.
Cute flower braid hair styles for long hair
The majority of women with blonde hair is dying their hair in red, pink and blue, because they have realized that to make some wonderful braided hairstyles for long hair  they need to dye their hair as blonde shade may catch no attention of the spectators. It’s always the color that makes other to stop by and have a look at your style.
If you are blonde, you can use multiple colors to dye your hair or use at least one bright shade that goes with your fair skin tone.

Cute braid hairstyles for long hair with dutch and knotted bow braiding idea

Cute braid hairstyles for long hair on both side of the head

Beautiful pastel colors in blue and purple colors.
Cute braid hairstyles for long hair in pastel colors dutch braid idea

The twisted ring braid with curls.

Cute braid hairstyles for long hair in black color with curls

Which one of these side braiding style is better?I believe both are cute braid hairstyles for long hair.Cute braid hairstyles for long hair dyed in modern hair colors

Cute Braid hairstyles for long hair In French weave

French hairstyles are so easy to make and create, anyone having experience to maintain three stranded hair for braid making can tackle their hair easily through proper pinning-up technique. There are no complications whatsoever in the creation of French braided hairstyles if you know how to actually work with three strands.

Cute braid hairstyles for long hair in Fishtail variation

Fishtail is another common braid that we all know. Many girls in the classrooms show up in a cute fishtail daily. If you have got a color in your hair, your fishtail braided hairstyle would look awesome. I am sharing some pictures of fishtail braided hairstyles to inspire you ladies.

Cute braid hair styles for long hair decorated with flowers

Beautiful dutch on highlighted hair.

Cool dutch braided hair style for long hair

Blonde with Fishtail it is funky.

Braid with fishtail on long blonde hair

Unique take on hair strands weaving.Braid idea long hair
Four strands used in style.
Beautiful four strands braid style ideas for long hair
Teal hair with fishtail, looks nice, is not it?
Beautiful fishtail braid on long hair dyed teal hair

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