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If you have ever seen the horizon just before sunset or as the first rays of the sun pierce up into a dawning sky, or observed the earthy bark of a tree and felt a calling from the unfathomable deep within to just relax yourself into dreaming, or if you have ever borne witness to the rare voice of a bright pink rose; as it whisper its sweetest secrets into the air, evoking fantasy in your mind, like a rainbow would if it suddenly thrust itself into your thoughts in the most vivid form; then you have a clear picture of the amount of power that colour possesses over a human mind.

We colour everything – from our clothes and artificial foods, the cars and homes too, to our work spaces and even skins – to add life; yet nothing is more strangely normal and more beautifully irrational than the art of dyeing ones hair.

If you disagree with that statement just imagine an adult male lion with purple highlights in its mane going about its usual business in the Serengeti, that would definitely be odd, wouldn’t it?

Yet humans have done this for Millennia: it is said that it began with primitive Neanderthals (no wonder) who used to use roots, leaves, bark and clay amongst other pigment containing or strand bleaching natural materials to create their transformational make-over.

This ritual has been vastly revised and modified over the years. Every imaginable shade from Mother Nature’s chromatic utility belt is now available over the counter, even options into the bright beyond bright frontiers of neon’s and shiny metallic glitters have adorned human hair.

With seemingly more variety in hair colours than is imminent in the visible spectrum, the question is: What are the top hair dye colours for girls in 2016-2017?

I’ll just come out and say it: It’s the one you were born with!

“Is that all?!” you may protest… rightly so, but hold on, I’ll explain my rationale in a moment.

Before I do however, I invite to think of how colour affects the feeling and emotional part of us and how it stirs the deep archaic aspects of our make-up that identify differently with different frequencies of light.

I know you like bold hair dyes but I have chosen a couple of pictures to prove that hair colors are best when chosen carefully according to complexion and features. Check out these hair color ideas.

When a former varsity class mate of mine (a very attractive young woman in her own right) went from black haired to a ruby red (most probably inspired by pop singer Rihanna) I remember finding her unusually alluring, this at the time began to activate the most carnal fantasies about her within me, it was an interesting thing to observe for both of us as I made conversation with her, carefully laying out the structure of my desires in the most unobtrusive way. Her smooth sensual appeal was amplified one thousand times; her confidence just radiated through and this one simple transition gave her image fiery hot new dimension she probably had never before explored. I remember also, during my relatively more innocent days as a 7th grader, how a beautiful naturally blonde acquaintance of mine dyed her hair black; making her seem less ditsy and yet mysteriously bolder. This helped to perpetuate rumours that she engaged in some form of occult practice and of course, increased her “cool factor” massively – dying of hair was strictly forbidden by the school rules and the type of dye she had used would only ware off after seven days…

So, let’s just say for argument’s sake that someone held a gun to you face and offered you a chance at life only if you were to get your hair dyed this year, which colours should you go for?

The answer is obvious, any colour that’ll rattle the living daylights out of your coercers system!

I know many hair stylists and bloggers are sharing their personal tips on hair color ideas 2013 yet you are the one who will decide which color will suit you best. Wanting a change in your personal appearance is just very natural and having such a desire is not a sin but if you make a wrong selection on the hair shade everything may go wrong- your casual look may be messed up totally and you won’t be able to confront your community much easily. Just be careful when selecting a hair dye for your complexion. Some hair colors are meant to go for particular face complexions such as blonde, brunette and light shades such as blues and purples. Seriously though, if you are considering the change, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  1. How does this colour communicate my identity, personality and desire to others?
  2. Am I prepared to handle the attention and reaction that will come as a result of the change?
  3. What goal or intent can I make this a symbol for and what advantage can be taken or gained out of this transition?

These answers could be unique to you and custom suited for your particular situation in life so make them as fun, memorable and as pleasing to you as possible. Also consider the potential hazard you may become to the environment you are going to interact with – We wouldn’t want you break necks, hysterically raise blood pressures or cause accidents now, or would we?

Having said that I stand firmly by the opinion that keeping your natural shade will make you come across to other people as a genuine and self accepting person – all the more respect to you if you can hold a head up high, even with a few grey strands, confidently. If you buy into the illusion that change in your hair colour will somehow spice up your personality for better or worse than please stop! Work on how you feel about yourself first, the most colourful thing about a person is how you experience reality in their presence and how they make you feel when you’re with them in person or in thought and these colours are the luminous glow of a soul’s emanations from within.

Hair color ideas  for brunettes: You are lucky as you have got a sandy, peachy complexion and you can do experiment with hair coloring and adopt any style easily as compared to Asians. Just be sure that a certain shade can amplify your confidence as well as girly look.

These shades are being used in most popular hairstyle trends of 2016-17 that may be easy and comfortable to carry like brown, blues, and orange ( Put on a fire in your look by choosing the right one, you may have heat of love in your heart but it’s the time to evoke some internal expressions to make your personality more readable, do it by dying your hair in the right shade). Someone said it right that hair color may express what’s hidden inside hearts. Let’s see what else can you express and say, not by words, by your style.

hair coloring idea for brunette women

Dark hair color ideas : Keep one thing in mind that dark hair will never ruin your natural facial appeal, if you have very subtle, calm facial features they will remain as they are if you make the use of dark and natural colors. These colors are a way to bring off a bit of change in your everyday look, they will never alter your appearance in any negative or odd way.

violet hair color idea for dark hair

Dark grey hair color ideas :Don’t have any good shade to pick on? Go for chocolate brown hair shade, it will enhance your personality thereby making you sweeter.

grey hair color idea

Hair color ideas for long hair: Long hairs aren’t easy to maintain and control, having blocks of different colors won’t bring any change so you need to choose one beautiful hair color to look sexy and beguiling.

light purple hair idea for blonde women

Hair color ideas for blondes: honestly, there are plenty of hair color ideas  for blondes and brunettes. Are you a blonde? Seriously, you are blessed as you have a very fair, flawless fair complexion and all types of hair colors will go easily on it. Just be a little choosy at the time of the hair dye selection as not all red hair colors are suitable for blondes and not all blondes can easily carry cherry-red hair colors comfortably.

lilac hair color idea for blonde women

Can you see that sky is looking very vibrant and it only happens when base is blonde.

sassy sky hair color for medium hair

How about turning blonde locks into yellow locks like this girl? It would be a modest change with a drastic color contrast.

yellow hair color idea for blonde women

If you are savvy of multi colors, these pastels would make you adopt an adorable look.rainbow hair color idea for blonde hairSome suggestions:

Trendy green for long hair, if you are blonde this idea will work like a magic on your hair.

green hair color for women

No matter what your real hair color is, this aqua shade would lift up your confidence by changing your look.


sassy aqua hair color for dark haired girls

Two famous colors you can try.

modern hair color idea for women

Neon yellow is good for women with white skin tone.

neon green hair color idea for women

Some ideas just in case purple family is your favorite.

purple hair coloring idea for long hair

The split hair trend- you can try any other shade than blue if you want.

blue split hair for long hair

Some perfect highlights and low lights for having a drastic change to your coloring for long hair 2016









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