Dahlia Flower Tattoos! Myths and Meanings

cruel dahlia flower tattoo back

In order to study the origin, meaning, and symbol of any flower tattoo you need to study the flower specie and its history. Some flowers have very strong and convincing historical backgrounds while others have legends that will continue to live with the survival of human beings. These legends were born years ago and they were recorded in the history so that new generations might read about the process a certain flower was bloomed or sprouted.

Dahlia flowers are called diverse flower species because they have a tendency to be born with different colors and hues except blue. Not only that they have ability to born with versatile hues but they can also display different arrangements of sepals and petals. Surprising fact about Dahlia flowers is that they have more powerful transposable elements than any other flower species. That means their DNA sequence or pattern can change position within its genome at any given time and it is capable of creating or reversing a mutation in the flower’s cell, brining out an utterly modified form of Dahlia. You might have seen just one pattern of Dahlia flowers where sepals are fully grown and broad in appearance but in some areas they grow in a slender shape depending on the seed or mutation. These flowers are very scented and erotic; they can attract birds and insects for pollination to bring more of their diverse forms on earth.

Meanings of Dahlia flower tattoos:

Dahlias are said to be spicy and ironically colorful flowers, they may have some meanings when are incorporated in drawings or decorations.  Here are four meanings of Dahlia flower tattoos:

Accept a new change or be ready for it: These flowers tats may mean a lot to those men and women who want to see some change in their life. If you think you are stuck in the middle of your life and there is no way out or you are not easily accepting the change, you should get this flower tattoo done on your body. It can help you accept a new change or may make you ready for it if something is to be changed in the near future.

Warning about something: Dahlia flower tattoos may mean a warning about something to someone for some reasons.

Travel to somewhere: If you love wandering here and there in the world and want to feel enthusiastic for the traveling passion, dahlia flower tattoo could help you stay stable with your decisions of moving from place to place for good reasons.

Wild side of you: Maybe you haven’t just figured it out but there might be a wild side of you left rediscovered, you can get to know about it through Dahlia tattoo.

Cool twins for your shoulders

Two dahlia flower tattoos

A nicely arranged dahlia on foot. The colors are amazing.

orange dahloa flower on foot

She might have an urge to take it to the next level for inking, she chose to have multi colored dahlias to cover the back.

multiple dahlia flower tattoos

I fell in love with the delicacy and softness of this design.

delicate dahlia flower tattoo

Dahlia can have a pastel appearance with the leaves. This one design is my favorite.
dahlia flower tattoo upper back

The blood red color is making it hot to the sight.

blood red dahlia flower tattoo

Sassy girl supporting nice dahlias on back.

cruel dahlia flower tattoo back

I have always loved and admired purple and believe me this one is cool on body.

cute dahlia flower tattoo

If you don’t want to make it complex for yourself, opt for a single centered flower.

dahlia flower inking

Good ideas for inking on full arm.
dahlia flower tattoo ideas

These are just few of many designs that I have seen. I believe these are sensible, neat and best for their colors and patterns.




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